Tastes of Iya at Senkichi – Part 2 | A Vibrant Chef Celebrates 20 Years of Creativity

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Miyoshi City’s remote Iya Valley is only accessible by twisting mountain roads, and as you descend into the valley along the main route, a hand-made Iya Soba restaurant named “Senkichi” can be found here which offers local tastes, expansive views, and a beautifully arranged interior. previos post>> Tastes of Iya at Senkichi – Part 1 | A Restaurant in a Hidden Region, where Ninjas also Lurk Masao Takemoto: owner, chef, and third ninjaTaking a break from his work in the kitchen, I met with Masao Takemoto, who owns and operates Senkichi. However, my first question wasn’t about the food, his caree…

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