Noel Gallagher made Bono jealous by having surprise lunch with Bruce Springsteen

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Noel Gallagher made Bono jealous by having a surprise lunch with Bruce Springsteen. The Oasis star, 54, ended up having dinner with The Boss – who is close to the U2 frontman – after they got introduced in Ibiza by Calvin Klein while Noel was out with Mick Jagger’s daughter Jade, and he insisted on sending a selfie to rile up their mutual friend. Speaking to Rob Brydon on the ‘Brydon &’ podcast, he revealed: “We said, ‘Let’s do a selfie and send it to Bono’, because it will ruin his day. Because he and Bono are great friends, as are Bono and me, and Bono loves him. “So we sent this thing, and …

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