Yung Miami Shuts Down Critics Of Her Relationship With Diddy In POPSUGAR Cover Story—‘Me And Him Gon’ Be Married–Boom!’

Yung Miami and JT are the latest cover stars for POPSUGAR.

Source: Joshua Kissi / POPSUGAR

The publication spoke with the City Girls for POPSUGAR’s September digital cover story, which features the duo discussing their high-profile relationships with Diddy and Lil Uzi Vert, establishing their individual brands outside of music, using their platforms to celebrate and liberate Black women, and what to expect on their upcoming album.

After the debut episode of Yung Miami’s hit podcast on REVOLT, “Caresha Please,” fans have only wanted to know more about her relationship with Diddy. But the City Girls have become known for trolling the blogs and fueling the narratives that fans make up on social media, making the truth a hard thing to come by for nosey fans.

Source: Joshua Kissi / POPSUGAR

“People don’t know us,” Yung Miami says about her relationship with the Bad Boy mogul. “They don’t know what the f**k we got goin’ on. I’m in there like, ‘Shut the f**k up. Y’all don’t know what we have going on. Me and him gon’ be married — boom!’”

She went on to discuss her alter ego, saying, “I’m always gon’ be Caresha, I’m always myself. But you know, my [stage] name is like my alter ego, and I feel like when it’s time to perform, or it’s time to do an interview, or when it’s time to give people what they want, I bring out Yung Miami.”

Source: Joshua Kissi / POPSUGAR

As for JT, she discussed being at a stage in her life where she is more self-aware and takes her responsibility seriously as a role model for dark-skinned Black women.

“I feel like I have to represent that, the struggle,” she told the publication. “And my brown-skin girls, when you not feeling that powerful, not feeling that confident, you are beautiful.”

The rapper also talked about how her boyfriend, rapper Lil Uzi Vert, helped her get through a rough patch in her life during the past year.

“It made me a much better person,” JT explained. “I feel like I found my home with him, my safe space. Once you find your safe space, you know.”

Source: Joshua Kissi / POPSUGAR


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