What We’re Reading: Kevin Boyle and Ron Howard both wrote books about the forgotten parts of the 1960s

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Chicago Tribune

I’ve been reading a couple of books about the 1960s. But it’s not the ‘60s you know, it’s not the highlight reel you see in your head whenever someone just mentions the ‘60s. It’s not Stones and Dylan, astronauts and MLK Jr. It’s the other ‘60s, those less dramatic but jus as influential reels we rarely see. It’s why, after I finished “The Shattering” (Norton, $32), Kevin Boyle’s eagerly anticipated new history, I drove to the 6100 block of West Eddy, on the Northwest Side. Just to peek. It’s a bungalow strip, like a thousand bungalow strips in Chicago. Yet Eddy Street plays the bookends in “T…

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