WELP: Latto Fires Back At Jackpot Judgement Of Her New Single Amid Doja Cat Comparisons


It appears as though the infamous “Queen of Da Souf” Latto is trying to go in a different direction with her rap career, but some fans are having a hard time adjusting.

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After dropping her controversial “Mulatto” moniker earlier this year, now the star has debuted her new pop-influenced single called “Big Energy” which will appear on her forthcoming album. The rapper still lends her raunchy southern style rap cadence to the new single, but some social media critics are slamming the star for allegedly ripping off Doja Cat. 

To be fair it does sound a little Doja Catesque… but was it a complete miss? Take a listen to the new song down below for yourself.

Latto took to Twitter to set the record straight following the incessant chatter.

“A b*tch rap and y’all beg me to ‘switch it up’.. a b*tch show versatility now it’s ‘why she singing’ ‘why she dancing’ & I’m ‘tryna be like’ somebody else.” You can’t win with everyone,” she tweeted on Sep.24

A bitch rap and y’all beg me to “switch it up”.. a bitch show versatility now it’s “why she singing” “why she dancing” & I’m “tryna be like” somebody else🧐

— BIG LATTO 🎰 (@Latto) September 24, 2021

The rapper then began to hit send on a number of tweets involving the new tune, including one where she actually admitted to DM’ing Doja Cat to potentially collab.

Hell yeah. I DMed her https://t.co/xV6KarykuX

— BIG LATTO 🎰 (@Latto) September 24, 2021


…and another where she expressed that she felt “misunderstood” by fans and haters who were confused by her sudden shift in music.

“I hate this Latto hate train I feel so misunderstood being I’m literally the least problematic person ever [in real life,” she expressed, adding a crying emoji.

I hate this Latto hate train I feel so misunderstood being I’m literally the least problematic person ever irl 🥲

— BIG LATTO 🎰 (@Latto) September 26, 2021


Earlier this year, the 22-year-old star spoke with Billboard about her forthcoming album and she says she’s been “really pushing” herself to create music outside of her comfort zone.

“It’s coming. I’m recording right now and finishing it up. I just been catching different vibes,” Latto explained.

She continued, “I been recording in Atlanta and I been recording in Miami and I’m recording in L.A. right now. This s–t is so crazy. I’m really pushing myself. I’m choosing beats I would’ve cut off and been like, “I can’t do that s–t.” I’m really pushing myself and this s–t is really gonna be big. My A&Rs asking me what I want it to sound like, but I want to lane-switch. I don’t want no s–t that they expected. I feel like I got this name change and bringing a whole different tone. This music better bring a different feeling.”

Back in May, the rapper dropped her single “The Biggest” to tease fans’ appetites as they wait for the new release.


What do you think of Latto’s new single? Tell us down below.



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