Until You Do Right…Clown Shoed Sycophant Daniel Cameron Loses Kentucky Gubernatorial Race, Breonna Taylor Justice Botcher Beat By Beshear

Let’s all say a prayer for Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Cameron worked damn hard keeping his tap-dancing shoes tied tight and shucking ‘n jiving his way into the hearts of MAGA America. He has served diligently as one of the GOP’s leading seat-at-the-table-ologists by representing Sunken Place America almost as well as he represents Black men who probably get their lineups at Super Cuts. And he did all of this only to be rejected by Kentucky voters who prevented him from becoming the state’s first Black governor.

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(Not that it should matter since no true Blacky-lackey Republican would ever acknowledge being the first Black anything as it would only open the door to discuss that evil and reverse-racist critical race theory nonsense, amirite?)

That’s right, folks, on Tuesday, Cameron lost his bid to lead Kentucky to incumbent Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear, which means even in a state where Trump, who endorsed Cameron,  defeated Biden in 2020 62% to 36%, Cameron couldn’t sway voters to grant him the title he worked like a house slave to get (figuratively speakingI guess).

BREAKING: Democrat Andy Beshear will win the Kentucky Governors race and keep his seat, beating Mitch McConnells protege Daniel Cameron.

We know for sure Democrats can win statewide in Kentucky.

It’s time to replace Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul with Democrats next. pic.twitter.com/4TyjsmX9Zf

— Really American 🇺🇸 (@ReallyAmerican1) November 8, 2023


“Well, that didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to,” Republican Daniel Cameron said at the top of his #KYGov concession speech.

He gave little indication about his political future.

Watch more from his speech below, or read the full story: https://t.co/BPSA9x8xH3 pic.twitter.com/gBH5qgqbWl

— POLITICO (@politico) November 8, 2023

So, what gives, MAGA Kentucky? Was your favorite “Black friend” not stepping and fetching fast enough for you? How are y’all going to let this man work this hard brown-nosing for white nationalism without putting him in the governor’s seat? Even GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie is clowning Cameron as someone who sold “his soul” to the orangey-white devil for political clout. (Christie didn’t call Trump the “orangey-white devil.” He just called him “political and electoral poison down ballot,” which, in my mind, is polite political speech that roughly translates to “orangey-white devil with an anus-shaped mouth who spews exactly what one would expect to come out of an anus-shaped mouth.”)

Chris Christie on CNN: “Daniel Cameron made a huge mistake by embracing Donald Trump and selling his soul to him. And that’s what he did. And the voters — Kentucky is a very red state, as you noted — gave their verdict on politicians who sell their soul to Donald Trump.” pic.twitter.com/U8Uy543DGP

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November 8, 2023

Some, including Trump, have speculated that Cameron lost due to his connection to Yertle the Mitch McConnell, who has, apparently become less popular with the party. (I don’t really follow white-on-white crime in politics like that, so I’m not sure what happened there.)

Trump Saturday: The voters know that Daniel Cameron isn’t really a “McConnell Guy”

Trump today: “Daniel Cameron lost bc he couldn’t alleviate the stench of Mitch McConnell” pic.twitter.com/As1EIkmreR

— John Hasson (@SonofHas) November 8, 2023

But if you ask many on social media, including most Black people, they’ll tell you Cameron lost because he all but sabotaged any chance of justice being brought on behalf of Breonna Taylor when he declined to charge any of the Louisville police officers who were involved in the botched no-knock warrant that took her life.

Daniel Cameron Loses Governor Election As Kentucky Rejects AG Who Sabotaged Justice For Breonna Taylorhttps://t.co/t7GutRVR2V

— NewsOne (@newsone) November 8, 2023

Daniel Cameron you decided that the back of a murdered Black woman would be your stepping stone. You chose to step on the grave of #BreonnaTaylor to advance your career. You made a deal with the devil and you lost. May the spirit of Breonna haunt you all of your days. pic.twitter.com/c1D3WyGx20

— Hannah Drake (@HannahDrake628) November 8, 2023

Daniel Cameron did not believe Breonna Taylor deserved justice.

Tonight, Kentucky told Daniel he does not deserve to be governor.

— Charles Booker (@Booker4KY) November 8, 2023


Daniel Cameron is the prosecutor who refused to charge the police who killed Breonna Taylor.

Tonight, he lost his election. Good. https://t.co/gYnDwFvSxd

— Jay Perk (@JohnathanPerk) November 8, 2023


The corrupt former Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron who was groomed to be Moscow Mitch McConnell’s vile prodigy said Breonna Taylor’s brutal murder by police was justified.

Kentucky voters tonight told him to go fuck himself.

— Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) November 8, 2023


Remember, Kentucky! All skin folk ain’t kin folk. Daniel Cameron may be a black man but Uncle Tom won’t have your best interests as Governor. He didn’t have Breonna Taylor’s interest by denying her justice from the officers responsible for her death. Vote AGAINST Daniel Cameron. pic.twitter.com/4u82V8dvrn

— Israel McCullough 🏳️‍🌈 (he/they) (@IsraelMC01) November 1, 2023


awww Daniel Cameron licked all those cop boots and tried to dance on the grave of Breonna Taylor and he still ate shit in a red state with a christofascist supermajority in the state legislature. womp womp pic.twitter.com/XgRebHyPNZ

— All I Want For Christmas is Phil (@ThatDangPhil) November 8, 2023

Never forget that Daniel Cameron had the opportunity to prosecute the police who murdered Breonna Taylor and didn’t. So congratulations Andy Beshear for beating Cameron. #ElectionDay2023 pic.twitter.com/xFeVclrUmq

— Victoria Brownworth (@VABVOX) November 8, 2023

Oh well. Maybe next time Daniel Cameron will dance hard enough to earn proper tribute by his MAGA ‘massas. But not today! Ain’t God grand?


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