Unfriendly Skies: Male American Airlines Attendant Removed By Police After Hidden Camera Found In Bathroom

Source: Robert Nickelsberg / Getty

We’ve seen some pretty out of pocket s#!t on airplanes over the past few years but this is easily one of the most disgusting.

According to Boston 25 News, an American Airlines male flight attendant was escorted off the plane by Massachusetts State Police after a teen girl found a hidden camera inside the bathroom. The same male flight attendant stopped the girl from entering the bathroom and said this:

“When she was about to go the bathroom he stopped her and said, ‘Hey hold on just a second, we’re about to start collecting trash so I am going to wash my hands.’

An unidentified male passenger says that the girl’s mother subsequently stopped another passenger from entering the lavatory citing her daughter’s discovery.

“The mom stopped that passenger from going to the bathroom and said ‘Wait, don’t go in there,” according to the passenger Boston 25 spoke with.

Upon landing, the plane was immediately boarded by police who began investigating the “potential criminal act”. Since this alleged incident took place in the air, it falls under federal jurisdiction and the consequences could be severe.

The unnamed passenger said, ‘After 3 or 4 different people checked the bathroom, they took the male flight attendant off, and that’s when they let us off.’

We’ll be keeping an eye on this case but this flight attendant sounds like the shadiest character in the sky.

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