Turkey Day Deliciousness: Celebs Serving Succulent Low Vibrational Plates On Thanksgiving

It’s officially Thanksgiving and we can’t WAIT to scarf down a healthy helping of Turkey day deliciousness! Every year photos of celebrity plates become hot topics of discussion and while some celebs’ struggle plates cause a commotion, there are actually some stars that can throw down in the kitchen.

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While scrolling through our list of celebs serving Turkey Day deliciousness, make sure you don’t tell Coach Stormy Wellington lest she label those hearty Thanksgiving servings (and our greedy eyes) “low vibrational.”

😂😂😂😂Our Whole Vibe next week for #Thanksgiving: pic.twitter.com/qaBQRpZB1f

— Smark Psychology Podcast (@SmarkPsychPod) November 17, 2022

There’s no cat hair cuisine over here! Check out a few standout celebs presumably serving “low vibrational” but highly delicious Thanksgiving plates below.

Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry is a “cracklin’ cornbread” and braised collard greens serving Thanksgiving connoisseur.


The actress who happily shares her recipes on YouTube and in her “Whole New You: How Real Food Transforms Your Life for a Healthier, More Gorgeous You” book is all about hosting and serving succulent Thanksgiving meals.

In 2020 she told Today.com that cornbread and collard greens are a staple at her Turkey Day dinners.

“I can never have greens without cornbread,” she said. “It’s like peanut butter and jelly for me; it’s the perfect combination. “I’ve been cooking collards for a minute now,” said Mowry, recalling childhood holidays when she’d help her mom create the dish in her kitchen. “Collards are so good for you, too. They have a lot of iron and they’re so delicious.”

Do you want a low vibrational plate from Tia Mowry’s house?

We’ll take two, please!

Patti LaBelle

C’mon Patti!

Don’t tell Coach Stormy but Patti LaBelle ALWAYS throws down for Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Love, Mr. Cuddles and me! 😘 pic.twitter.com/YPPoAIapDU

— Patti LaBelle (@MsPattiPatti) November 26, 2020

The icon told Yahoo News in 2020 all about what she was serving alongside her infamous Patti Pies and we DEFINITELY need a plate. The Godmother of Soul revealed that she was serving an extensive spread including brisket, deep-fried turkeys, lobster mac and cheese, kale, cabbage, and peach cobbler, among other things.

She also said that people can bring a dish, but they can’t linger in the kitchen:

“Only Patti can cook in the kitchen,” she said. “Nobody comes to the stove but Miss Patti. Cut up the onions, green peppers and celery early for me, and then go to the basement.”

Yes ma’am! We’ll be right there, just like Quest Love was in 2015.

Check out Patti’s recipe for “Don’t Block The Blessing” dressing.


Premadonna never fails to present a succulent spread with vibrations all the down to the floor, just how we like it.

If you aren’t familiar with Premadonna, she’s the Los Angeles-based waist-shaping queen who really puts her foot in her food…

and she’s developed a line of cookware and seasonings to help the rest of us non-culinary folks prepare a true Southern spread.

Jai Nice

Speaking of Instagram baddies with mean culinary skills, Jai Nice has entered the chat.


Jai Nice accrued her massive following by posting her top-tier fashion sense but has since introduced a cookbook and cookware line. Jai has a recipe for just about everything, but her soul food always looks like bottom-level basement low vibrational deliciousness.

The cook/influencer even crafted a special holiday menu with delicious Thanksgiving recipes and recently shared a recipe for honey pineapple glazed ham.




When it comes to a good Thanksgiving menu, auntie Oprah sets the bar high.



The iconic media mogul loves a good holiday setup and she shared on Oprah.com why she’s so thankful for the holiday.

“Thanksgiving is one of the best times to share what you know to be true—and to do it with great style and great food.”

Lady O’s personal chef Kenny Gilbert cooks for hours on end preparing the perfect celebrity spread and all we want is a [low vibrational] to-go plate!

Last year Lady O’s chef prepared a special dinner featuring African cuisine.


Kris Jenner

Kardashian klan matriarch Kris Jenner never disappoints with her holiday gatherings. From the decor to the menu to the guest list, this is a celebrity Thanksgiving dinner we would surely love to attend.


Kris’ Thanksgiving menus offer a smorgasbord of low-vibrational options and Kris’ krew loves to show off their extravagant meals on social media.

Check out Kris’ sweet potato souffle recipe below.

Whose house are you trying to pull up to for Thanksgiving this year?


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