Three Florida Teens Allegedly Hid Classmate’s Body In Bushes After Fatally Stabbing Him With A Sword

A group of three teenagers in Florida are facing murder charges after allegedly killing a romantic rival with a sword and dumping the body.

Source: Sun Sentinel / Getty

Once again, Florida is back in the news cycle, and this time, it’s due to teenagers carrying out a crime that seems too gruesome to be carried out by children.

18-year-old Dwight Grant’s dead body was discovered after being hidden in bushes outside his apartment complex. Police revealed he had initially been reported missing just days prior to the horrible discovery.

May our forever Patriot Rest In Peace. Please pray for Dwight Grant’s family, friends and our community. I spoke with Ms. Grant to offer our condolences on behalf of the Patriot family. We will have grief counselors available on Thursday & Friday. We are here for you.

— Principal Formoso (@msformoso) October 19, 2021

Local 10 reports that security cameras in the area “captured certain aspects of the crime,” police said without saying what exactly was captured. Police say this footage helped in the investigation, which lead them to believe Grant was stabbed with a knife in the neck and a sword in his chest while in the stairway of the apartment building.

Andre Clemens III, 17, Christie Parisienne, 17, and Jaslyn Smith, 16, were in police custody as of Monday for allegedly committing the murder. After the teens’ text messages were searched, it revealed the motive was because Grant had sex with Andre’s ex-girlfriend, which upset him. Court records obtained by Local 10 revealed Andre wrote graphic text messages to Christie (his current girlfriend) on October 11 plotting the murder.

“Murder will definitely happen soon,” “It’ll be bloody” and “help me kill him,” said Andre via text.

While texting his girlfriend his murder plans and exchanging “I love you’s,” he was also texting his ex-girlfriend with threats.

“We have plans for this person … If he made you happy, get used to him not being here anymore,” Andre wrote on Oct. 11, according to the arrest warrant.

Senseless violence, aggression, and mental abuse from one teen led to three lives potentially being spent behind bars, one funeral, and a lot more students being left with trauma. The three teenagers’ next appearance in court will be on November 4 and they are facing charges of first-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and criminal conspiracy.

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