Third Eye Closed: Sea Moss Chairman Kyrie Irving Shares Alex Jones Conspiracy Video, Sends Twitter Over Capacity

Kyrie Irving irresponsible social media use reaches new heights as the NBA superstar shares a 2002 video of Alex Jones conspiracy theories.

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Kyrie Irving has always walked his own path even if he walked it alone. When the drama with the COVID-19 vaccinations happened Kyrie walked the path and took the consequences that came along with refusing to take the shot. While his decisions and reasoning were none of our business we all understood and for the most part his fans did as well. In the end, Kyrie returned to the court and showed he hadn’t lost a step in his game.

Kyrie Irving Shares Vintage Alex Jones Conspiracy Video, Sends Twitter Into OverDrive

Yesterday Kyrie Irving tried to have his third eye open but didn’t realize it was so closed it left us trying to figure out how we even got to Alex Jones’s propaganda. Kyrie recklessly shared a video of Alex Jones in his early 2002 days of spreading conspiracy theories and fear-mongering.

“There is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order…by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then basically get shoved into their system”

— Alex Jones 2002 clip posted by Kyrie Irving

— New York Basketball (@NBA_NewYork) September 15, 2022

The video talks about the New World Order and how it will use plagues and viruses to control the public. Of course, this feeds into Kyrie as he is indirectly the face of the anti-vaccine movement. Somehow Kyrie is the only person who doesn’t understand Alex Jones and his videos will not help prove a point. Seconds after he shared the video Twitter users had a field day with Kyrie. You can read some of the tweets below.

Kyrie is the worst kind of “woke” person. They think they’re smarter than everybody meanwhile they’re getting finessed by the likes of Alex Jones. Conspiracy hucksters kicking they ass.

— Angel Diaz (@ADiaz456) September 15, 2022

wonder how many times kd gotta say “damn that’s crazy” when he have a convo with kyrie

— aaron. (@ayroned) September 15, 2022

Kyrie Irving posting Alex Jones clips is both shameful and the only logical progression of his tinfoil hat faux intellectualism

— Noah Perkins (@NoahZZPerkins) September 15, 2022

NBA Star Kyrie Irving shared a video of Alex Jones on his Instagram spreading “New World Order tyranny” conspiracy theories. The post said “Alex Jones tried to warn us.” Kyrie Irving is promoting a guy who called the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting a hoax. Disgraceful.

— Dash Dobrofsky (@DashDobrofsky) September 15, 2022

Kyrie reposting Alex Jones clips, there’s ants binge watching the Sopranos in his head man.

— Ahmed/The Ears 🇸🇴 (@big_business_) September 15, 2022

we got Kyrie posting Alex Jones conspiracies, Anthony Edwards using homophobic slurs and the commissioner giving an owner a slap on the wrist for using racist slurs

good week for the NBA

— Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) September 15, 2022

Kyrie dug up 2002 Alex Jones. Mixtape Alex Jones. “DAMN SON WHERE’D YOU FIND THIS” Alex Jones.

— ✨🦦America Is Musty🦦✨ (@DragonflyJonez) September 15, 2022

Dog, ain’t no way Kyrie reposted Alex Jones. You never go that far. Nah, bruh. Ain’t no way.

— Justin Tinsley (@JustinTinsley) September 15, 2022


Lol Kyrie posting an absolutely unhinged Alex Jones clip but people will say he’s just misunderstood


— Isaac (@WorldofIsaac) September 15, 2022

Bro Kyrie posted some excellent videos about decolonization and followed it up with that Alex Jones videos lol

— im talking that talk that got Malcolm X watched (@TheBlackCyde) September 16, 2022

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