The Battle Continues: Kanye West Reveals Restrictions He Received On Yeezy Trademark In Gap Fallout

Kanye West takes to Instagram to share restrictions placed on his Yeezy trademark in the aftermath of terminating his 10- Gap partnership

Source: Jonathan Leibson / Getty

For the past few weeks, Kanye West has used to Instagram account to give a look inside the rich problems he has been dealing with. He shared his displeasure with Adidas stealing his designs and also shared that GAP seems asleep at the wheel in their 10-year partnership. Kanye revealed his plans to go solo and no longer work with brands and even showed he was out of his Gap deal due to the brand not addressing his concerns in a timely manner.

Kanye West Posts Yeezy Trademark Restrictions After Declaring He Wants Out Of GAP And Adidas Partnerships

When Kanye West stopped by CNBC’s Closing Bell for an interview about leaving GAP you could see the GAP stock quickly begin to free fall. Last night Kanye shared new restrictions placed on his Yeezy trademark in the aftermath of his split from GAP and quest to leave Adidas as well. The restrictions are focused on ‘Yeezy standalone activities under licensing and endorsement agreement with Adidas and strategic agreement with Gap’. Also, the list includes restrictions on footwear, apparel, and other items that copy or resemble any designs used for Yeezy by Adidas or Gap. In short, they are trying to force Ye’s hand or discourage his plans moving forward. Of course, Ye isn’t going to let the corporations dictate how he moves and simply said “Welp guess the war isn’t over”. Not even 24 hours later Kanye posted a screenshot from lawyers saying restrictions have been removed but hopefully Kanye shares more insight into the matter.

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