Suga Success: ‘Glamour’ Magazine Names Megan Thee Stallion One Of Their ‘Women Of The Year’

It’s been a heck of a year for Megan Thee Stallion.

Source: Kennedi Carter / Glamour

Back in January, the star become the first rapper since Lauryn Hill to receive the Best New Artist award at the Grammys, and in July the “Hot Girl Summer” star made history as the first rhymer to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, just one month before she snagged 4 BET Awards for Savage featuring Beyonce and WAP– her salacious hit alongside Cardi B.

There’s no denying that Meg certainly has the hip-hop game on lock, especially after she became the first woman to have three number-one streaming songs on the Billboard 100 charts including “Savage” featuring Beyoncé, “WAP,” and “Body.”

From her political activism and her emotional New York Times op-ed championing domestic violence…what else can’t Megan Thee Stallion do?!

Well, now the history-making Hottie has been honored as one of Glamour’s Women of the Year. The Houston native detailed her strong childhood growing up with her late mother and grandmother who helped her to cultivate her greatness and her unwavering sense of self-confidence.

“Megan Thee Stallion is not just a rapper,” she told Glamour during her in-depth interview. “I’m everything I want to be. I’m just ready for the Hotties to continue our journey.”

Source: Kennedi Carter / Glamour


The journey hasn’t always been easy. Meg shared that her affinity for people-pleasing almost caused her to lose her sense of self-conviction, but music ultimately helped her to discover her power and identity.

“I used to be a people-pleaser because I did want everyone to be happy,” Megan explained. “If you come around me, I always try to make sure everybody good. Before I was grown, I’m doing whatever my parents say. I’m doing things that make my parents happy. At school, I’m trying to figure out what’s going to make these kids stop bullying me. But when I started getting older, I started figuring out, everything that y’all asking me to do not make me happy.” “It seems like I can never satisfy everybody,” she continued. “So then I started being like, ‘What do I like?’ I’m an only child, so I had a lot of time to spend by myself to think about it. I’m here by myself all day; what we gon’ do, Megan? That’s how I figured out I really do enjoy writing music. I love writing stories. I started living life for me.”

Source: Kennedi Carter / Glamour

The artist’s success and fearlessness have manifested into other areas of her career including her recent partnership with Popeyes, where the 26-year-old will become the first artist to own a number of the chicken franchise’s locations in addition to selling her very own “Hottie” sauce line.

Meg, who’s graduating from Texas Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in health administration, also spoke on her dream of opening assisted living facilities to provide job opportunities for health care workers, something she grew passionate about after watching her mother and grandmother care for her great-great-grandmother during her final days. Meg sent a message to all the HBCU striving for success in the health business world.

“Come and get your experience over here,” she said adding, “Generations taking care of generations, making people feel like they are still at home, still with their families.”


Source: Kennedi Carter / Glamour


Congratulations, Megan!


Source: Kennedi Carter / Glamour

You can read the full interview here.

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