Sorcery Chatter: Booty Shot Beneficiary DreamDoll Opens Up About Receiving Four Donk Reductions Due To Dreadful Silicone Injections

Lesson learned.

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Rapper DreamDoll is being transparent about the removal of her silicone posterior injections. She revealed in a recent interview that her goal is to get back her natural body after dealing with complications from what is commonly called “butt shots” — but are professionally known as biopolymer silicone injections in her buttocks.

According to the Bronx rapper, Dream has undergone four booty reductions after getting her cakes filled with a foreign substance after experiencing lots of pain. After being asked about her surgery journey on a recent episode on Lip Service, Dream explained to host Angela Yee why she chose to get the silicone removed from her butt and thighs.

Angela Yee: What made you decide to do that?

DreamDoll: It hurts, pain. Not wanting a big butt anymore, I still don’t — I got four reductions already. It’s levels to this reducing sh*t. It’s way harder to take it out. I just wanted a more natural body and I still do.

Dream added that her surgeon actually replaced the places where silicone removal was done with her own body fat, causing her weight to fluctuate between surgeries. Hit play to hear a clip, reposted by The Costmetic Lane.

& The trend towards a more natural body continues…

Dream Doll was on a recent episode of @angelayee‘s Lip Service where she mentioned that she’s done 4 reductions in an attempt to reduce her 🍑

She’s had Biopolymer injections, the reductions are part of the removal process.

— The Cosmetic Lane (@TheCosmeticLane) January 5, 2022

Dreamdoll previously shared her butt reduction surgery journey in-depth on her personal youtube channel, starting the removal process two years ago. Last June, she shared she had a fourth and final buttlift and even a hip removal.

“So I just completed a hip removal and a butt reduction,” she said. “This is my fourth time in the process — ya have to be patient, okay.”

Good for her! You can peep Dreamdoll’s full ‘Lip Service’ interview below.


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