So Sad: Young Dolph Shot & Killed In His Hometown Of Memphis Tennessee; Celebs Send Condolences

Memphis rapper Yong Dolph was shot and killed outside of a local bakery in Memphis, Tennessee.

Source: Jason Mendez / Getty

Memphis rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed earlier today in Memphis Tennessee. News broke online from a local woman who went on Facebook live claiming to have been close as the tragedy occurred. While many hoped the woman was lying and the reports were false, the worst would be confirmed by local authorities within the hour.

On the scene of a shooting on Airways. I’m hearing Memphis rapper Young Dolph may be a victim in the shooting. Shooting happened at Makeda’s Cookies.

— Jeremy Pierre FOX13 (@JeremypierreFOX) November 17, 2021

Many details are unknown at the moment but from social media and photos, the shooting appeared to be the target and occurred outside of a local bakery. The bakery Makedas Cookies seemed to be a frequent choice for Dolph who was recently on their Instagram supporting the local business.

According to reports Dolph was ambushed as soon as he got out of his car to enter the business. Unconfirmed reports suggest Dolph returned fire but would pass away from his injuries. This is not the first time Dolph has been involved in a shooting incident earning one of his biggest records rapping about prior incidents on ‘100 shots‘. Prayers go out to Dolph’s family and his two children. Click after the next page to see celebrities give Dolph his flowers and share what he ment to them.

From what I’m hearing, Young Dolph went to pick up food and got ambushed, he returned fire but got hit several times and succumbed to the injuries he sustained.

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) November 17, 2021

I’m also hearing the place that Young Dolph got killed at was a cookie shop named ‘Makeda’s’ in Memphis on Airways Blvd. Heard he was picking up cookies for his mother.

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) November 17, 2021

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