‘Snake Oil’ Exclusive: Wing Lovers, Would You Buy The Sauce Residue Remover This Salesman Is Pitching?

Happy Hump Day! We’ve got a sneak peek at an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode of Snake Oil for your viewing pleasure.

Source: Courtesy / Fox

Y’all know we love a good game show, and this is a good one. Hosted by David Spade, contestants are pitched unique products by convincing entrepreneurs – some of whom are showcasing real business ventures, while the others are “Snake Oil Salesmen” whose products are fake. With the help of guest celebrity advisors, Kandi Burruss and JB Smoove, contestants must determine which products are real and which are a sham to advance to the “Snake Pit”, for a chance to win life-changing money. Can they spot the real product or be duped by snake oil in the all-new episode of Snake Oil?

Source: Courtesy / Fox

In the exclusive clip below contestant Joleen and Kandi Burruss interrogate a salesman who claims to have invented a solution to that problem to find out if what he has is real or snake oil.

Check out the clip:

What do you think? Would you buy what he’s selling? Or did he doom himself by failing to make any money off his idea after multiple years on the market?

The all-new “Kandi Burruss and JB Smoove” episode of Snake Oil airs Wednesday, Nov. 8 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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