Sagittarius Trolling: Nicki Minaj Has JT Recite Diss Record On IG Live, Defends City Girl After Fans Say She ‘Hazed’ & ‘Humiliated’ Her


Nicki Minaj knows people think she “hazed” and “humiliated” a fellow female rapper –and she’s issuing a response.

The “Super Freaky Girl” is a hot topic after a clip from a recent Instagram Live with JT of the City Girls surfaced.

Source: Mike Coppola/ Prince Williams / Getty

In it, Nicki encourages the 29-year-old to recite a previous diss record she wrote about her while the City Girl was an up-and-coming rapper.

“How that song go?! Rap that song right now!” said Nicki, 39, to JT who struggled to remember the old lyrics.

“My diss song it say—Nicki can’t rip no f****g beat/She ain’t even from the streets/Ima drop you like a bag of groceries,” rapped JT while Nicki laughed.

“I was just so mad,” said JT while recalling that she wrote it while in her scammer days. “I don’t know why I was so mad.”

The Internet took off with reactions from the moment including several notions that Nicki was bullying and belitting the rapper. Other people took issue with JT “sucking up” to Minaj.

This is so EMBARRASSING! Can’t believe JT traded in her career to be one of Nicki’s sons. And Nicki sick & twisted azz just sitting there enjoying humiliating her. This is crazy.

— Margo Lex (@MargoLexington) September 18, 2022

dickriding as it finest nicki is such a vile woman and jt you’re a grown ass woman getting played like that on live

— 🍡⭐️ (@smoochamuse) September 18, 2022

During a live last night, Nicki Minaj told JT to recite her “diss track” she once wrote about her… and JT sat there and did it. 😂 Y’all girls need to STANNUP. Not a back bone in sight.

— KenBarbie™ (@itsKenBarbie) September 18, 2022

According to JT however, people are delusional and she doesn’t care if people think she’s being bullied by Onika.

Y’all so delusional EYE wanted to repeat the song I made in my car! & we was LAUGHING the whole live like a phone convo…..we talked about literally everything & it was allll laughs

— J🫖 (@ThegirlJT) September 18, 2022

And bitch I don’t remember no rap from 2017 that I clearly was freestyling & playing around

— J🫖 (@ThegirlJT) September 18, 2022

Why would I? When we was having fun, was you there? You mad doggie? I can never ever get bullied babe! Idgaf what it look like. Can’t even talk in peace with out the opp’s popping out😭

— J🫖 (@ThegirlJT) September 18, 2022

STAND DOWN back up BE A MAN, put your phone down! Stop letting clips make you mad, Idgaf how YOU, you, YOU feel.

— J🫖 (@ThegirlJT) September 18, 2022

I’m not gone stop, what’s next?

— J🫖 (@ThegirlJT) September 18, 2022

Nicki echoed that statement and said that people are being messy miserables and she and her Sagittarius sister were just having fun. At one point JT even jokingly hung up on Nicki during the LIve.

Man fuck these DUDS, babe. 😩Everyone on the live KNOWS how DOPE it was from beginning2end. We were havin fun, bein silly. It’s a lil freestyle she was actually MAKING UP OFF THE TOP OF HER HEAD IN HER CAR. Since yall keep tryin to pull her down, ima go MAD hard for her. WATCH🤫

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) September 18, 2022

You don’t even have to, you do enough behind the scenes! You are so sweet to me! & relatable to me! Idk what’s not clicking & what got everybody so tight! But I can’t be pulled down about my genuine feelings ima say this 1,000 times…I love you…thank you 💖

— J🫖 (@ThegirlJT) September 18, 2022

Soon as baddies is havin fun, here come saddies. Saddies need constant affirmation cuz they always sad. They gon run that one schtick into the ground whenever you happy so run 😩😂

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) September 18, 2022

Wait y’all why nobody posted JT making fun of ME then bangin the phone on me chi? That was very traumatic what that lady JT did. Everybody was laughin. First she made fun of my Pastor Maraj name by callin me Pastor Minaj then she hung up on me in front of 25K ppl. 👀 ion like det

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) September 18, 2022

The Nicki Minaj and JT support/love fest came after the rapper was featured on Nicki’s “Super Freaky Girl (Queens Mix)” which also featured Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V, Maliibu Miitch, and BIA.

It’s the fact that I can tell y’all don’t understand Sagittarius girls🤣 We will continue to get on y’all nerves now. 🥴 And be right in the text cracking up laughing. We sarcastic, petty, find everything funny, and love making ppl mad. So good luck y’all

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) September 18, 2022

What do YOU think about Nicki Minaj making JT recite her diss track? Fair or foul?

Just watched the live and I’m trying to see what’s so humiliating about JT saying the diss track she made for Nicki and them both laughing about it??? It’s like when you become cool with a girl you didn’t like and vice versa and laugh about the things y’all said about each other

— Self-Centered Activist E💃🏾💃🏾✨ (@backup_ek) September 18, 2022

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