#RHOP Romaine Rumble: Candiace And Mia’s Messy Moment Turned Into A ‘CRYangle’ Vs. ‘Nightcrawler’ Kerfuffle



The highly anticipated “romaine rumble” between Candiace Dillard and Mia Thornton went down on The Real Housewives of Potomac and it did NOT disappoint.

Source: Shannon Finney / Bravo


As previously reported the two #RHOP stars traded “low budget” shade after Candiace took offense to Mia gossiping with Candiace’s mother about Candy’s “house husband” Chris Bassett. Mia asked if Chris was being paid to manage Candiace and dubbed the “Drive Back” music video shoot “low budget.”

Candiace thought both of those comments crossed the line.

Source: Shannon Finney / Bravo

“Why is it appropriate to ask my mom a question like that? On a day that’s supposed to be joyful and positive?” asked Candiace.

“I wanted to be there, but I wanted to show up to something that wasn’t low budget…” said Mia.

“Your mama’s low budget — watch your mouth,” clapped back Candiace who was unaware that Mia’s mom is a recovering drug addict and Mia was raised in foster care.

Now on Sunday’s episode, Candiace and Mia’s tension reached a fever pitch during Dr. Wendy Osefo’s couples trip.

While at Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Mia doubled down on Candiace’s video being “low budget” and she told Candy to “take it as constructive criticism” because “it’s business.”

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That prompted newbie Askale Davis to jump in.

“This is not a meeting, this is not a business retreat,” Askale said. “We are friends trying to have a good time. Why does everything have to be about business?”

During the moment Dr. Wendy who was also on hand, checked in on Mia to make sure she was “okay” considering that Candiace and Askale were ganging up on her. The Grand Dame Karen Huger praised Wendy for that moment on Twitter.

Thank you @WendyOsefo ganging up on anyone is not acceptable. Thank you for stopping unnecessary bullying. @mrsmiathornton #RHOP

— Karen Huger (@KARENHUGER) October 4, 2021

In-kind, Candiace is wondering why Karen’s seemingly being hypocritical when it comes to Candiace’s shade.

I would also like to know this.

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) October 4, 2021

On #RHOP while catching shade from Askale and Candiace, took a call from her “best friend” who she dubbed a “beautiful bombshell, smart and rich” that understands her, unlike “these broke b***s,” seemingly referring to the ladies in the room.

Candiace then clapped back.

“Yes, your mother’s a broke b***” she said adding that Mia is a “nightwalker.”

Mia throws shade! (Source @BravoTV @NBCUniversal) #RHOP pic.twitter.com/25dnAq25VI

— OMFGRealityTV (@OMFGRealityTV) October 4, 2021

I didn’t think about this. Lol. There are SO many double standards….lol. I will just continuer to be the #RHOP punching bag. https://t.co/AbDzwNZbPc

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) October 4, 2021

Later, when Karen Huger and Ashley Darby arrived at the house, Mia called Candiace “mean” and Candiace reacted by telling Mia to “go to therapy” to address her “classism” issues, a term said by Askale.

Then after calling Mia a”nightcrawler” [prostitute] again, Candy took things up a notch and called Mia’s husband Gordon her “pimp” while urging him to feed her lettuce that she tossed Mia’s way.


Candiace: “Feed her, she’s hungry!”

Mia: “You need to grow up!”

Candiace: “You started with me and you need to learn how to finish!”

Mia: “It was low-budget!”

Candiace: “Your mother’s low-budget, go cry about it in your room. F*** you, Mia!”

Mia: “F*** you!”


Mia and Candiace throws salad at each other. (Cliffhanger) (Source @BravoTV @NBCUniversal) #RHOP pic.twitter.com/E6NGRBEccE

— OMFGRealityTV (@OMFGRealityTV) October 4, 2021

No “CRYangles”, all smoke for Candiace again.

Siri, play “Cause A Scene” 🥴 #DEEPSPACE

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) October 4, 2021

Candiace is far from sorry for her comments…

“Your mama” jokes are the lightest of the litter.

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) October 4, 2021

The moral of the story: leave me alone.

And stream #DEEPSPACE 🪐

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) October 4, 2021

and Mia’s taking the high road.



Whose side are you on in the #RHOP romaine rumble?

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