#RHOA Reunion Preview: Drew’s ‘Incriminating’ Ty Young Texts Are Shared By Shereé


A #RHOA reunion preview features a Real Housewife arguing with a newbie before personal text messages between her and her alleged same-sex lover are exposed.

On Sunday, viewers will see Drew Sidora face off with her estranged husband’s “cousin” Courtney Rhodes,  again, before Shereé Whitfield hops in the mix to spill the text tea.


Source: Clifton Prescod and Photo Assist by: Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

As previously reported Drew laid into the “unverifiable” cousin during part one of the #RHOA reunion and warned her to keep quiet when it comes to her child. Her comments were in response to Courtney saying that Drew’s plan to have her husband adopt her son, Josiah, was a sneaky scheme to fund her alleged same-sex relationship.

Now a fed-up Drew is continuing to blast Courtney and Courtney’s clapping back.

“Don’t you ever think that this it’s okay,” said Drew in a reunion preview. “I’m not gonna let you think that you can ever speak on my child. You are not a real cousin, you are unverifiable b***.”

“You have single handedly destroyed your own kids,” said Courtney.

“That’s wrong, that’s so evil,” said Kenya jumping in.

Later in the preview, Courtney alleges that Drew traveled to Texas to attend Ty Young’s basketball game. Young is of course the woman that Mimi Faust alleged the housewife was sleeping with who’s been discussed this season.

Source: Clifton Prescod and Photo Assist by: Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

According to Drew, while she did attend the game it was harmless. Courtney however didn’t buy it and said that the actress is a “compulsive liar.”

“Drew you lie to everybody, stop it,” said Courtney.

Shen then went on to allege that her “cousin” Ralph told her that he was divorcing Drew after he got confirmation about her affair.



In a bizarre twist, Shereé Whitfield was brought into the convo and admitted that a mysterious person dropped off private text messages between Drew and Ty Young at her house.

“I hate to be in the middle of this but I was given some information,” said Shereé before pulling out a folder with the text messages. “It just paints a different picture of their relationship, her and Ty.”

Source: Clifton Prescod and Photo Assist by: Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

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