‘Red Table Talk’ Exclusive: Ashanti Recalls How She ‘Got The Bat’ After Sister’s Abusive Ex Wouldn’t Stop Stalking Her!

Ashanti and her mom Tina and sister Shia are the guests of honor on Wednesday’s upcoming episode of Red Table Talk. The trio discuss the personal toll domestic abuse has taken on their family.

Source: Jordan Fisher / Red Table Talk

In an episode entitled “That Was the Darkest Time in My Life,” Grammy-winning R&B star Ashanti, her younger sister Kenashia “Shia” Douglas and their mom Tina open up about the horrific domestic abuse Shia endured for years. In their first interview together, this tight-knit family shares what they call the “darkest time of their lives.”

Watch an exclusive clip below where Shia and Ashanti describe how Shia’s alleged abuser continued to stalk her after an incident where she says he knocked her teeth out:

Yikes! That was absolutely horrifying.

In the Red Tabe Talk exclusive, Shia is bravely revealing what led to chilling photos of bruises, black eyes and broken teeth. Ashanti speaks out about feeling helpless, wanting to take matters into her own hands and the important steps their family took to heal. It’s an eye-opening look at domestic abuse incidents that happen every three seconds in America.

It’s graphic but both Ashanti and Shia posted messages documenting the abuse during Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October

Source: Jordan Fisher / Red Table Talk

The new episode of “Red Table Talk” featuring R&B star Ashanti, her younger sister Kenashia “Shia” Douglas, and mom Tina will stream Wednesday, November 23 at 9am PT/12pm ET on Facebook Watch.

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