Proudly Peasy Kevin Durant Gets Clowned Over Disrespectfully Ashy Legs, Sends Twitter Spiraling Into The Lotionless Abyss

Peasy AND ashy??

Samwell Tarly gonna have to get KD right

— FOST (@GeorgeFoster72) November 23, 2021

Black don’t crack unless you’re Kevin Durant who doesn’t appear to have ever used lotion (ever) based on his disrespectfully ashy legs that sparked hilarious chaos across the internet.

Known for his disinterest in hair grooming, it wasn’t shocking that the Brooklyn Nets power forward was caught with the most un-moisturized legs in NBA history without any semblance of shame.

In the now viral photo originally posted by the SLAM Kicks Twitter account, KD’s legs can be seen blanketed in a thick sheet of ash that looks like it could be permanent.

Can say a lot without saying any words. 📷: @darenscarberry

— SLAM Kicks (@SLAMKicks) November 23, 2021

At one point, former Celtics star Isaiah Thomas tweeted, “no way KD can be that Ashy!!!!!!!! No way lol. OMG.”

When Kevin Durant get on here and tell us all how broke we are 😭

— theygotkary (@theygotkary) November 23, 2021

“When Kevin Durant get on here and tell us all how broke we are 😭”

How the former MVP and 2-time NBA champion can be so rich and yet so ashy, we may never know, but he clapped back in true KD fashion while being clowned by the whole entire internet.

I’m bouta pull my “y’all broke” card in a second. Fuck y’all

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) November 23, 2021

“I’m bouta pull my “y’all broke” card in a second. F*ck y’all,” he tweeted without any laugh emojis suggesting that he wasn’t amused by the endless flurry of tweets.

What was your reaction to KD’s ashy legs? Do you think he’s ever used lotion? Have you ever been that ashy? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and messiest) reactions to Kevin Durant’s disrespectfully ashy legs on the flip.

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