Porsha’s Family Fisticuffs: Dennis McKinley Says Porsha Williams Went After His Mother During THAT ‘Messy-Co’ Melee

Viewers of Sunday’s episode of “Porsha’s Family Matters” were confused about what went down after fists flew during a BIG blow up and now someone’s providing clarity.

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

As previously reported during a group dinner in Mexico, tensions rose between Porsha’s cousin Storm who’s now accusing the businessman of assault and harassment. Dennis once again told Storm who’s his former employee to “shut up” and he angered Porsha in the process.

Not only that, but Dennis also got into a back and forth with Porsha’s former assistant Dom.

Source: Porsha’s Family Matters / Bravo

Source: Porsha’s Family Matters / Bravo

Things were so tense at the group gathering, that a fed-up Porsha demanded that “Dennis and his sluts and his mother” leave the table.

“Go! Get the f*** out!” said Porsha while Dennis and his mother Mama Gina walked towards a staircase. As Mama Gina and Dennis were leaving, however, things got physical and cameras captured Porsha throwing her fists Dennis’ way.

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According to Dennis, however,  Porsha’s anger actually wasn’t towards him; it was towards his MOTHER.


In a sneak peek for episode 6 of “Porsha’s Family Matters” Dennis is seen back in Atlanta at his Hot Dog Factory restaurant chatting with his mother and telling her that “something was off” with Porsha during the trip to Mexico.

He also says that Porsha went after his mother during the blowup.


“I was just disrespected by a young lady who would have been probably your daughter-in-law so how are you going to have a close-knit family?” asks Mama Gina during a confessional.

“Porsha’s turning up,” says Dennis while recapping what went down in a confessional. “And then Porsha lunges at Gina. That’s the mother of my kid [Porsha], there are a few people that’s important to me; Mama Gina, PJ, and Porsha. I don’t know what was going on.”


Also in the episode, we’ll see Porsha’s family in Mexico dancing around what went down. While Lauren talks about planning an all-white dinner, a “Porsha’s Family Matters” producer jumps in and asks the group why they’re not discussing what happened the night before.

The group remains silent and Porsha’s cousin Londie says in a confessional that no one wants to “throw anyone under the bus.”

SNEAK PEEK S1E6: Dennis explains what happened between Porsha and Gina + No one is acknowledging the fight and the producers want to know why 😉 🙄 #porshasfamilymatters #PorshaFamilyMatters pic.twitter.com/odi3YqKizx

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Do YOU think the group is going to continue to ignore the elephant in the room? And what does Porsha have to say for herself?


In case you missed it, Porsha gave a smidgen of a comment this week on the explosive episode.


Hit the flip for that.

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