‘Peace of Mind With Taraji’ Exclusive Clip: Taraji And Bretman Rock Bond Over Their Shared Social Anxiety—‘You So Are Not Alone’

Another episode of a Golden Globe-winning actress’ soul-stirring Facebook Watch show is on the way and it features a social media superstar dishing on his anxiety.

Source: Peace Of Mind with Taraji / Facebook Watch

On Monday’s episode of “Peace Of Mind With Taraji”,  Taraji P. Henson and co-host Tracie Jade will continue shining a spotlight on the challenging mental health issues facing us today, this time with Bretman Rock.

Source: Peace of Mind with Taraji / Facebook Watch

Bretman who boasts over 50 million followers joins the ladies to reveal that he struggles with social anxiety and luckily for him, Taraji can relate.

“All of the stuff you are saying, I can identify with,” says Taraji while noting that she has the disorder despite being in Hollywood for over 20 years. “I moved to this house on top of a hill far, far away from humanity. I think I did it on purpose because of my anxiety. Baby, you so are not alone,” she adds.

Source: Peace of Mind with Taraji / Facebook Watch

Bretman then shared that he moved to an isolated home as well that he only leaves “every 72 hours” and amid the pandemic, it’s hard for him to make connections.

“COVID really did not help,” says Bretman. “Right when I was getting better at meeting people…”

“The world shut down,” agrees Taraji.

“It’s getting hard to exercise meeting people again,” the social media influencer adds.

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The “Peace Of Mind With Taraji” episode aptly titled  “50 Million Followers and Social Anxiety with Bretman Rock” debuts this Monday (11/15) at 9amPT/12pmET on Facebook Watch.

Check out an official episode description.


While most of us don’t think twice about things like going to the grocery store, for people living with social anxiety disorder, those little everyday things can become terrifying. Social media star Bretman Rock shares his experience with social anxiety and how he has learned to manage it. Then, an investment broker reveals how her social anxiety has affected so many areas of her life. And licensed therapist, Minaa B. offers tools to help whether you suffer from social anxiety yourself or are trying to help a loved one who might be struggling from it.

Peace of Mind with Taraji, debuts new episodes every Monday at 9amPT/12pmET on Facebook Watch.

Episodes can be found on facebook.com/Watch and Taraji P. Henson’s Facebook page: facebook.com/tarajiphenson

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