Oh, Arionne: Martell Holt’s Multiyear Mistress Says She Was Impregnated Three Times, Alleges Mel CHEATED Back With An Engaged Attorney — Fans Call Her An ‘Airhead’

*Deep [multiyear mistress] sigh*

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Arionne Curry did her first-ever interview with YouTuber Tasha K, telling her side of her affair with married reality star Martell Holt and her seemingly naive perspective has #LAMH fans questioning her morals and intellect on social media.

Arionne Curry slept with Martell Holt for six years and was pregnant for him 3 times but its all Melody’s fault because how dare you tell the world i was your husband’s mistress?

— She Who Shall Not Be Named (@In_A_YamChele) January 4, 2022

For starters — Arionne revealed she met married Martell when she was 24-years-old at a house gathering and his cousin introduced them. She said Martell, 9 years her senior, hid his relationship with his wife Melody for nearly 9 months and when she found out she continued to see him. Arionne told Tasha K that over the course of their 7-year long affair, she was pregnant by him three times. The clothing line owner revealed that she had one miscarriage and one abortion before welcoming her son with Martell and added that she’s “upset” that she’s “being portrayed in a negative light” on television.

About her allegedly “negative” portrayal on TV, Arrione said:

“I’ve always been a likable girl, I’ve always been the cream of the crop. I’m 31-years-old, I can still count on one hand how many men I had sex with. I’m not some little floozy.”

After admitting she knew Martell lied to her about his marriage, Arionne refused to give Mel, his wife, any sympathy because Mel chose to stay.

“You need to always check your husband. That’s what wives need to understand, nobody just chases a married man. I wasn’t chasing no man…

…If they are not going to put my on the same platform that they used to build another woman up, why would I apologize?”

Nah because both of y’all is getting beat the fuck up husband & side bitch! I’m checking both of y’all! Arionne is SLOW & she should have never did this interview! She’s not a victim! Like I said before when she found out he was married she had the choice to leave but she didn’t pic.twitter.com/yeazLV9veN

— Baby gorgeous! (@CandeeNation09) January 4, 2022

Arionne also doubled down on her story that BOTH Maurice and Marsau Scott were cheating on their wives in front of her eyes in Atlanta, something they’re both denying. She then hurled allegations that Mel cheated on Martell with their lawyer.

“That’s what made Martell come back, she was with their attorney — who had a fiance. The fiance follows me on Instagram.”

Arionne Curry says Melody Holt cheated on Martell Holt with their attorney while he was ENGAGED TO BE MARRED👀 well I guess if you can’t beat em join em.. #LAMH # pic.twitter.com/bgjC8ohbNU

— The Gworls Are Fighting (@Barbiedolltvv) January 4, 2022

Yiiiikes! Along with her Melody angst, Arionne admitted that Martell was the only man she slept with for SIX YEARS — a married man — and said that she was offended he asked her for a DNA test after she became pregnant.

“I was dealing with him for six years and hadn’t slept with nobody else. I feel like him wanting me to bring up a DNA test [was to] further more discredit me.”

I am sorry but Arionne slow AF…#lamh pic.twitter.com/klQNcNjEk0

— SHE-nanigans With Liz (@FreakyRedd69) January 4, 2022

Tasha K kept looking at Arionne like the airhead and fool that she is. She has really convinced herself that she’s a victim. Not to mention her not knowing what “likeness” and “two parent household” mean. 🤦🏽‍♀️ You should’ve stayed in school Miss Gworl! #LAMH #TashaK pic.twitter.com/d9maHVhiHK

— IamME (@iAMmexoxoxo) January 4, 2022


Are YOU shocked that Arionne is finally opening up about her side of this situation? Social media is eating her alive, but what do YOU make of her comments?

Peep the full interview below.

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