Nick Young Sent Flying Through The Ropes During First Boxing Match, Claims He Was Headbutted

Nick Young jumped in the boxing ring for his first boxing match but got knocked right back out of it by an Internet star.

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Over the weekend Social Gloves held their second boxing card that featured public figures of all entertainment lanes such as Cory Wharton from Teen Mom, to Youtuber Austin McBroom who was touted as the headliner. Even with rumors that the event allegedly only sold around 200 tickets, there was still tons of action in the ring—in particular, because of a bout featuring a former NBA player.

Nick Young’s First Boxing Match Sees Him Knocked Through The Ropes

One of the highlights of the night was the battle of the former NFL legends between Leveon Bell and Adrian Peterson. The match ended when Leveon Bell KO’d Adrian Peterson with the only punch he was able to land that night.

The other former athlete on the card was Nick Young who was supposed to face Blueface but unfortunately for us (and Nick), Blueface was unable to participate.

Instead, Young faced influencer Malcolm Minikon who did not come to play around in the ring. From the start of the match, it was clear that Nick’s only advantage was his size which he tried to use to his advantage. In the second round of the boxing match, Nick sent the mouthpiece of Minikon flying thanks to one of his only big shots.

In the end, however, Minikon would send Nick through the ropes.

Nick Young’s fight was stopped after his opponent pushed him through the ropes and he hit his head. #McBroomGib

— ESPN Ringside (@ESPNRingside) September 11, 2022

After the fight was waved off as a draw, Young alleged that his fall came because he was headbutted. He also gloated that he “won the fight.”

“I felt good, I hit him a lot, I felt I came and did what I had to do. He hit me with a cheap shot and that’s what you’ve got to do when you’re losing. I don’t want him getting a headbutt at the end and thinking he won off a headbutt, I don’t know how you can think he won,” said Young.

Nick Young ends up on the ring apron. #McBroomGib

— FITE (@FiteTV) September 11, 2022

Keep in mind this was an exhibition match and there is no winner but it was highly entertaining and Twitter wasted no with reactions.

You can check out some of the best of the night below.

kobe watching down on nick young when his dumbass flew out the ring

— sean (@sebaiuu) September 11, 2022

Nick Young tryna sell a flagrant 2 foul in a boxing match is wild. 😭

— TrustIn_Jay (@___Prime) September 11, 2022

Nick young built like James The Grim Reaper Roper 😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭

— Raúl Maximo Sanchez (@Courvoisier_Kid) September 11, 2022

Nick Young boxes like he plays ball. No defense just vibes

— Tristan Shorey (@TristanShorey) September 11, 2022

This nigga Nick young throw an uppercut with a spin move 😂 nigga deserve to get knocked out the ring on bullshit 😂😂😂

— Houston Shackelford (@thats__shack) September 11, 2022

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