Nice Try! College Coach Tries To Blast Savannah James’ Protective Process For Bronny James’ Recruitment, Twitter Thinks She’s Right

Savannah & Lebron James Source: Phillip Faraone / Getty

An anonymous college coach recently tried to blast Savannah James’ recruitment procedures for her son but people are pointing out that he actually revealed just how simple the process is. Not only that but they’re applauding the mom for protecting her headline-making son.

Bronny James is finishing up his senior year in high school and just as expected, he’s a top prospect. Yesterday, Bronny dominated the sports media news after it was revealed that he was named a McDonald’s All-American, an honor reserved for the best high school prospects. Then he was listed on ON3’s NIL 100 valuation list which ranks all athletes eligible for name, image, and likeness deals.

A new look to the top 10 On3 NIL Valuations 👀

Story from @Pete_Nakos96:

— On3 NIL (@On3NIL) January 24, 2023

Bronny James landed #1 on the list with a hefty $7.5M beside his name. This isn’t surprising with his partnerships, including Faze Clan, PSD, Beats By Dre, and PlayStation. As Bronny heads for college, he is currently ranked #28 in ESPNs top 100 prospects with numerous colleges trying to recruit him. Where the son of Lebron James actually ends up however still remains a mystery.

According to Jamie Shaw of On3, one college coach revealed what it’s like to recruit such a high-profile prospect and alleged that he had to “jump through hoops” to get to the ball player’s mom, Savannah. The ACC coach tried to paint the process negatively before revealing how easy the process really is.

“I tried to get involved, but you had to jump through a thousand hoops just to get to the mom,” an ACC coach told On3. “You’re not allowed to talk to the kid. You have to schedule a time on Tuesday or Thursday with the publicist just to talk to the mom.”

College coaches weigh in on Bronny James’ recruitment

🗣 I spoke to college coaches, from multiple conferences, around the country for their thoughts…

“…To be honest, I didn’t know how realistic the recruitment would be.”


— Jamie Shaw (@JamieShaw5) January 23, 2023

The comment is outlandish coming from a coach who probably has assistants schedule meetings for him and with the amount of attention currently on Bronny, it’s only right for Savannah James to protect her son. Can you imagine if the coach didn’t remain anonymous while revealing he missed out on recruiting Bronny over scheduling a phone call? It definitely wouldn’t be a good look for that coach or his school.

Several people agree that the coach is out of line and they’re applauding Savannah and Lebron.

It has been widely known that no one is allowed to interview Bronny until he turns 18. LeBron and Savannah are protecting him from the media and other weirdos. Totally fair to have the same style when it comes to recruiters — who are often weird or slimey

— Zach Schwartz (@zachzachzach) January 25, 2023

Welcome to the big leagues! You’re recruiting him, in part, because you know what the name will bring to your program (most importantly, your bottom line $$). The James family knows damn well that’s the case and is treating it as such, as they should.

— Prince Filly (@fillycheese_) January 25, 2023

When they can’t prey on a child’s lack of experience because their parents have given them more than you could ever promise , you can’t sell them a dream . So yeah coach, this recruit is gonna require actual work 🤷🏾‍♂️

I know , it’s tough , but it’s life bucko 😭😭

— Chiefin A. Spliff 💨 (@heavystackhouse) January 25, 2023

I mean you thought you was just gone pull up on Bronny & Savannah James or?????

— Hollow Tip Ash (@ashhhhmoneyy) January 25, 2023

Nice try, coach!

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