New HBO Doc ‘Savior Complex’ Examines Caucasian Controversy Behind White Woman’s ‘Charity’ Allegedly Killing 105 Children In Uganda

Source: HBO / HBO

White folks have long earned the general distrust that Black folks have for them and this woman is just another example on a long list of reasons why.

Source: HBO / HBO

Renee Bach is a purported “missionary” who moved to Uganda allegedly to help the sick and starving children. She set up a nonprofit organization called Serving His Children and began practicing medical procedures that she was not even remotely qualified to perform. As a result, 105 children reportedly died in her “care”. She’s as fake as that Florida teenager who was pretending to be a doctor a few years ago.

Source: HBO / HBO

HBO has decided to give a platform to this janky white jawn via a documentary series entitled Savior Complex that examines the controversy and essentially helps paint Renee in a more favorable light as a doting Karen with “good intentions”. The same intentions that pave the road to Hell. Peep the trailer below.

The backlash against HBO for allowing this broad to propagate her narrative has been swift and unyielding.


People are NOT here for the bulls#!t.

If you’d like to learn how Renee Bach killed Ugandan children pretending to be a doctor giving medical treatment with no training or license and blogging about it, read stories from Ugandan journalists:

Rosebell Kagumire @RosebellK wrote about her in 2019

— Uju Anya (@UjuAnya) September 11, 2023

Several people responding to the trailer made mention of another documentary that is less propaganda-y called The Messiahs That Were Not that is produced by Ugandan journalists.

Source: HBO / HBO

It should be noted that Renee Bach settled a lawsuit in court and according to NPR, agreed to pay the two mothers who filed the suit $9,500 each with no admission of guilt.

Sounds about white.

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