N.A.S. Antonio Brown Posts Fake Photoshop Nude Gisele Bündchen On Snapchat Amid Inexplicable Beef With Tom Brady

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

It’s one thing to bite the hand that fed you but to bite the hand and then make lewd innuendo about the hand’s newly-exed wife is pretty low down.

However, if there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that Antonio Brown has no floor too low for him to limbo under. The embattled baller has been taking shots at his former benefactor Tom Brady for weeks now following news that Brady and his now-former wife were getting a divorce after 13 years.

Yesterday, Brown posted a photoshopped picture of Gisele’s face edited onto the body of a nude woman.


Antonio Brown posted a clearly photoshopped nude pic of Gisele Bündchen on his social media page amid his ongoing feud with Tom Brady. https://t.co/OHLVRufAZT

— TMZ (@TMZ) November 22, 2022

No caption, no explanation, no meme, just a fake photo. Not that a bunch of words would have made this any less inapropriate but damn. AB recently appeared on the Patrick Bet-David podcast and was asked directly what his issue with Brady is but no real answers came of it. As some of you are aware, Brown was all but done in the NFL after sexual abuse allegations and strange behavior on and off the field completely destroyed his reputation. However, because of his extreme talent Tom Brady came a-callin’ and provided a shield from the criticism that he was rightfully receiving.

Antonio Brown on taking shots at his former QB Tom Brady and selling a shirt of him with Gisele even though Brady never publicly said a bad word about him:

— MLFootball (@_MLFootball) October 30, 2022

We may never hear the truth about how this relationship went south but we’re pretty sure that we’ll never see AB and Tom hugging and smiling together. Gisele should sue his a**.

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