Michael Phillips: ‘Being Blago’ on Hulu is the rise, fall and next chapter of of Illinois’ disgraced ex-governor. Whatever that chapter might be

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Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO — The question isn’t who, or what, but why. Why is Rod Blagojevich? Why does Illinois’ most recent disgraced ex-governor continue to make improbably interesting television, as evidenced by Hulu’s four-part documentary “Being Blago”? Why does the man, who turns 65 next month, remain doggedly popular with many Illinois and national voters? Is it pity? Empathy? Is it because they can’t actually vote for him, since he has long been barred from running for public office (or practicing law)? So many whys. For now, the “two-bit Elvis impersonator” (his own assessment of his Elvis routines), w…

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