#MarriedToMedicine: Dr. G’s New Wife Sweet Tea Causes Commotion, Catches ‘Country Bumpkin’ Shade From Dr. Heavenly

Source: Phylicia J. L. Munn / Bravo

A Married To Medicine newbie made her debut during the season premiere and she’s got people talking including a cast member who thinks the “country bumpkin doesn’t fit” in” with the group.

Source: Phylicia J. L. Munn / Bravo

M2M’s latest premiere featured the introduction of Lateasha a.k.a. Sweet Tea.

The new cast member is stirring up a whole lot of conversation amid her introduction as Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s fiancée. Now married to the psychiatrist, Tea was seen on the show receiving praise from Dr. Simone Whitmore.

“Lateasha is the bomb,” said Simone about the newbie.”Greg (Dr. G) is just happier,” she added about the doctor who was previously married to Miss Quad.

“He leveled up, he leveled up,” added her husband Cecil who went on to tell fans on Twitter that he got checked by Quad over the comment.

Hey! I didn’t remember making the comment of leveling up & Quad has already got me 😹. But Sweet Tea is really nice and Gregory is super happy. You will get to know her authentic personality. #Married2Med https://t.co/CoL6lyztCH

— Cecil Whitmore (@CecilCWhitmore) November 6, 2023

In the episode, Dr. G  also detailed how he met his wife who is 23 years his junior after his divorce. Tea was one of several women who DMed him on social media, but the woman who was living in Washington, D.C. stood out so he flew her down to Atlanta.

Sweet Tea also shared the DM that she sent telling the doctor that she could “give him what he needs” with a baby emoji and a rose to indicate that she’s ready for a family.

Also in a controversial scene from the Married To Medicine premiere, Sweet Tea admitted that she was excited about “getting a little access to the money” when it comes to her fiancé.

“My gold digger meter is dinging,” said Phaedra Parks in reaction to the comment.

“Quad was a gold digger, Sweet Tea digging for copper, she’s on the lower level, she don’t know what gold is, she never seen no gold,” commented Dr. Heavenly.




Sweet Tea Responds To #M2M Fans Criticizing Her DMs to Dr. G

Despite people questioning her sliding into Dr. G’s DMs…

Sweet Tea sliding in the DMs?! With a baby emoji?! #Married2Med pic.twitter.com/HwKUTVOVZ0

— Taylor Jay (@AZealousVoice) November 7, 2023


Sweet Tea sliding in Dr. G’s DMs… whew, I don’t know about that. 🥴 More power to them tho. #MarriedToMedicine

— andrew tony bee (@ANDREWTONYBEE) November 7, 2023

Sweet Tea said on Twitter that she “absolutely” doesn’t regret it.

“Yes, I slid in his DM’s and now I’m his wife. My personality and humbleness has opened many doors. Never let anybody tell you that you “Can’t” because you absolutely “Can”, she tweeted.

Yes, I slid in his DM’s and now I’m his wife.

My personality and humbleness has opened many doors.

Never let anybody tell you that you “Can’t” because you absolutely “Can”

– Mrs. Lunceford#blessed #loved #Married2Med #Married2Medicine #bravo #happy #DrG #wifey https://t.co/89FAAaMHxP pic.twitter.com/iGRfMVfgoV

— TheRealSweet_Tea (@sweet_teasha) November 7, 2023





In addition to being discussed on Twitter, the newbie was brought up by super producer Carlos King during a recent #M2M premiere recap with Dr. Heavenly and things got (super) shady.


See y’all tonight on our YouTube channel! Me and @Dr_Heavenly gotta discuss #RHOP and #Married2Med premieres! Grab your sweet tea Chi 😩 pic.twitter.com/xWIH5Kur4J

— Carlos King (@thecarlosking_) November 6, 2023

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