#MAFS Messiness: Petty Princess Michaela Moves Out Of Her House With Zack, Swipes Seasonings On Her Way Out

She can’t be serious…

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On the latest episode of “Married At First Sight” fans saw things go left [again] for a couple during a purely petty, seasoning swiping moment.

As previously reported Michaela, a 30-year-old realtor, and Zack, a 27-year-old entrepreneur, went from instantly clicking at the altar to a miscommunicating match that feuded over a trip to doggie daycare, had extreme highs and extreme lows, and shed tons of tears.

Still, despite that, the two reconciled and appeared to be on the right track during a romantic staycation leading to Michaela telling her sister that she’d “fallen in love.”


Zack and Michaela getting along is a #FlirtyFriday miracle 😍 pic.twitter.com/z6I6jH4XSD

— Married At 1st Sight (@MAFSLifetime) October 8, 2021

On Wednesday’s episode, however, things got REAL when the two met with #MAFS experts Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper and unfortunately butted heads, again.

Zack admitted to Dr. Pepper that he still had doubts about his spouse and partially blamed himself for being a perfectionist…

“I go back and forth between I’m happy now and then hold on, am I really just convincing myself? It’s a difficult situation. […] Nothing I ever do in life is good enough and so I put that on other people, including my wife and it’s not fair.”

Zack getting real with @Pepper_Schwartz tonight on #MAFS pic.twitter.com/9Gatbo38EP

— Married At 1st Sight (@MAFSLifetime) October 14, 2021

and Michaela admitted to Pastor Cal that she wondered what Zack’s “picture of marriage was” but said she’ll continue to take things “day by day” with her hubby who she wants to be “happy Zack.”

After chatting about their sitdowns, the two hit another roadblock; this time in the form of a blowup about sleeping arrangements. After a day of lighthearted fun with the other #MAFS couples, Michaela and Zack argued about possibly sleeping in separate bedrooms.

According to Michaela, there was no need for them to share a bed because they both said that if today were “Decision Day”, they’d choose to get a divorce.

“Why should we sleep in separate rooms right now?! asked Zack. It’s been going great for us so why are we switching it up now?”

“How is it going great when we said if it was Decision Day, it would be a no?” responded Michaela.

“Do you not see an upward trend?!” asked Zack.

That apparently led to Zack going home to his personal apartment, and Michaela moving out of the apartment they share. Not only that, but Michaela also pettily swiped all the seasonings on her way out. 

“I just realized she took the seasonings and s***,” said a bewildered Zack while recapping the moment to his brothers who called her actions “childish” and “rude.”


#MAFS fans are convinced that Michaela whose sisters call her “Hurricane Chae”, is beyond petty.


— Keeks🍒 (@kenyatttaaaaaa) October 14, 2021

Michaela stealing the seasonings after realizing she wasn’t getting a husband. #mafs #mafsHouston pic.twitter.com/XHN9Xj8Y1n

— Lindsay (@_LindsayG) October 14, 2021

Michaela at home with all the seasoning…😂#MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS #Petty pic.twitter.com/VP4b2NKsfJ

— MoCha (@Foodie_Lee) October 14, 2021

Michaela, you took the seasonings, too. Damn, really?! Are you THAT petty?! #MAFS #mafsHouston #MarriedAtFirstSight pic.twitter.com/Q4M8NbxlVF

— Kiki Jasimine (@kiki_jasimine) October 14, 2021

Fans are also waiting on bated breath for next week’s episode when that Houston hurricane clearly reaches a category 4. A preview shows the realtor exploding with anger, tipping over furniture and breaking glass while on a couples retreat.

Are we going to pretend we didn’t see Michaela nearly twist all the furniture over that was in her path 😂🤣😂 Oh she crazy….cause that’s definitely some “Hurricane” stuff. Destroy everything in the path. Wow 😳😳😳#MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS pic.twitter.com/7H52ZmfN1O

— DazzlingD~002 (@Dazzling002) October 14, 2021

Hurricane Michaela touchdowns next week😬😬… Everybody take cover!! #MAFS pic.twitter.com/n734qitsdf

— Roe (@romeekat) October 14, 2021




Have YOU been watching #MAFS season 13??? Do YOU think there’s hope for Michaela and Zack???


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