#MAFS Messiness: Michaela Reveals That She Moved In With Zack After ‘Decision Day’—But Is Myrla Moving On With Johnny?!

The “Married At First Sight” Reunion aired Wednesday and there’s lots to unpack, mainly two splits that left fans in a state of shock.

During the Kevin Frazier hosted sitdown, viewers not only saw Kevin grill Jose into admitting that he purposely locked his wife Rachel out of the house, but they also saw the aftermath of a category 5 hurricane.

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Michaela and Zack talked separately about their rollercoaster of a marriage that went from sparks flying to multiple move-outs, tossed furniture [and Chlorox wipes], and messy mixed signals.

On Decision Day, Zack told Michaela that he wanted a divorce but only a “divorce from their MAFS experience” so they could “see where things go.” Michaela was seemingly against it however and decided to end things for good—or so we thought.

During the #MAFS reunion, she revealed that Zack actually asked her to move back in with him, and for some strange reason she obliged.

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Michaela who was hell-bent on “protecting her energy” hence why she wouldn’t do the interview alongside her husband, revealed that she gave Zack permission to leave their marriage early “several times” and she felt as though he was “messing with her emotions.”

She added that even after he said he wanted a divorce, she ended up staying with him for 7 to 8 days and cooked and cleaned and had sex with him. She also claimed that during their one-month anniversary staycation that was captured on camera, they were intimate but Zack told her “not to tell anyone.”

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Ultimately Michaela said she ended things with Zack via a text apology and said she wanted to just be friends, but he dissed her and said he “only wanted to be cordial in front of other people.”

“Yeah, I got completely played,” said Michaela. “I was in a marriage, I don’t know what Zack was in.”

Zack be feeding right into Michaela’s craziness. He’s just as unstable as she is. #mafsreunion #mafs pic.twitter.com/L3fUHEXFHu

— Sistas with Standards (@SistaWStandards) November 18, 2021

Michaela just said she gave Zack the green light to leave but did all of this when he actually left… 🧐 🤔 #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS pic.twitter.com/QsgVzTdcXJ

— Tatiana 💙 (@tatiana__xo) November 18, 2021

It was then Zack’s turn and he ripped into his estranged wife for trying to shift the blame.


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“It was a very unique experience I never wanna go throgh again, I just feel like everything’s my fault,” said Zack. “I feel like Michaela sometimes thinks I want to make her look bad as if that’s my goal, instead of taking responsibility for her own actions. I wish I would have left, this is the worst relationship I’ve been in romantically, friendship-wise, work-wise, the worst one by far.”

Kevin Frazier then called him to the carpet and noted that on Decision Day Zack confusingly said that he was “willing to develop a relationship outside of this [MAFS].”

“Everything I said on Decision Day was true, but Kevin I also said it does not mean we’re gonna be together. “

Zack then got argumentative with the host.

“Where’s the disconnect here? Stop acting like what I said or did caused this s***! This is who she is, I hate to say that” said Zack. “She said it, her family said it, she acts like this.”

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

As for Michaela’s claims about their one-month anniversary intimacy, Zack denied even kissing Michael.

“Hell no! I wasn’t kissing her before, why would I be kissing her after?”

Later, despite her claims that she wouldn’t be in the same room as Zack, Michaela walked out onstage and an angry Zack left.

Michaela didn’t want to be on stage with Zach but then is ready to run up on him on stage when it’s his turn…how sway?! #MAFS pic.twitter.com/Mkowll4Bj6

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Tensions run HIGH on the first part of the #MAFS reunion TONIGHT at 8/7c – trust us, you won’t want to miss this pic.twitter.com/mhueDN1Ycw

— Married At 1st Sight (@MAFSLifetime) November 17, 2021

That’s not all however, Myrla and Gil also had a standout moment and viewers think one of them might be keeping a secret.

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