‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Exclusive Clip: Maurice Doesn’t Understand Kimmi’s Low Libido After Her Cancer Battle—‘This Is A Mental Thing’

A Love & Marriage Huntsville hubby is baffled by his wife’s low libido and BOSSIP’s giving you a sneak peek at his clueless comments.

OWN’s hit unscripted series #LAMH returns with new episodes beginning this Saturday, September 16 at 8:00 pm ET/PT and once again Kimmi and Maurice Scott are back.

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The couple is working to strengthen the intimacy in their marriage as Kimmi continues to feel the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation following her breast cancer.

In an exclusive clip from the new episode, we see that exact topic being broached.

For some reason, Maurice is bewildered by Kimmi’s lack of sexual appetite despite her previously undergoing 20 weeks of chemotherapy and 36 rounds of radiation.

According to him, she’s just having a mental block.

“This is a mental thing Kimmi,” says Maurice shocking his spouse.

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“Babe, you can’t say that!” says Kimmi. “A medication made me feel this way, for you to think that all of a sudden I can just make my body wanna have sex that doesn’t happen like that.”

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Kimmi then brings up Maurice previously saying that he didn’t want her to fake as though she was enjoying their intimacy despite physically feeling otherwise. Unfortunately for her, Maurice thinks that only furthers his point.

“Saying if you’re faking it, that means that you’re going through the physical process,” says Maurice. “And you’re doing a good job of faking it during that process, so physically everything works fine.”

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Kimmi fires back however and tells him that her lack of arousal is frustrating and it’s clearly not something that she made up in her mind.

“For you to tell me it’s all in my head is actually not going to help the situation at all,” says the wife who’s in remission. “You’re blaming this on a mind thing and I’m blaming this on a medication that in a textbook says can happen when you take the medication.”

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Things between the two then continue to go left as Maurice wonders when the effects of her medication will wear off. Kimmi says that it could take up to a year which is apparently not a satisfactory answer.

“I need some type of end to this,” says Maurice while sarcastically marking the calendar on his watch. “Shouldn’t I have some type of idea of when it’s gonna stop? Isn’t that a fair qeustion?”

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As you can imagine, his comments and actions only make things worse.


Take an exclusive look below.


Love & Marriage Huntsville returns this Saturday, September 16 at 8:00 pm ET/PT



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Source: Love & Marriage Huntsville / OWN


Love & Marriage: Huntsville was created by renowned reality TV producer, Carlos King, and produced by his Kingdom Reign Entertainment and ITV America. Executive producers are King, Jordana Hochman, Angela Dugan, Andrew Hoagland, and Markus Burns, with Nisa Ahmad serving as co-executive producer.


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