Life After 7’6″: Shawn Bradley, Paralyzed in a Bike Accident, Knows ‘It’ll Never Be the Same’

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Sports Illustrated

By Brian Burnsed The frame that brought Bradley NBA fame is now a challenge without medical precedent. In a suite high above the court in Dallas, Shawn Bradley peered down on a past life. Under the spotlight below, gangly giants—Kristaps Porziņģis, Boban Marjanović, Bol Bol—galloped and grinded as their 7’6″ forebear watched, still and silent. As the 7’2″ Bol used his long arms to swat a shot, Bradley’s wife, Carrie, fetched him popcorn and nestled a small Styrofoam bowlful onto his napkin-covered stomach. The 7’4″ Marjanović sprinted back on defense and gulped down air; Bradley started to fee…

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