La La Anthony Revealed She Had Emergency Heart Surgery Just Weeks Before Filing For Divorce From Carmelo Anthony

Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

La La Anthony, 37, opened up for the first time about having emergency heart surgery. Back in June 2021, the same month she filed for divorce from Carmelo, 37, after a lengthy separation, the actress and mother revealed she was rushed to the hospital for an emergency procedure to fix the abnormal heartbeat that had been plaguing her for two years.

La La revealed the shocking health news in her Self cover story published Friday. La La tells Self that on June 1st, after a Memorial Day family barbecue she began feeling so lightheaded she had to hold on to the refrigerator in her kitchen to maintain her balance.

“I never felt anything like that before,” she says. Her heart was racing, she was sweating, and her cousins told her she looked pale. Soon they were persuading her to let them call an ambulance to transport her to the hospital. La La then revealed 14-year-old son pleaded with her. “Kiyan was like, ‘Mom, please let them call because you don’t look like yourself.’”

Reportedly the two-hour surgery, in which a catheter was inserted into her heart via her groin, had some “scary moments” that occurred when she awakened partway throughout of medical necessity.

“They would wake me up during the procedure and say, ‘We’re going to speed your heart up now. Just take deep breaths,’” she remembered. “Those doctors were just so incredible, but it was a terrifying experience.”

Less than one month after her emergency procedure, Anthony filed for divorce from Carmelo, whom she’d been married to for more than 11 years.



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