Kim Kardashian Trades Her SKIMS For A Suit On The Cover Of GQ’s ‘Men Of The Year’ Issue, Kopious Komments Kommence

 Kim Kardashian is the latest cover star for GQ’s annual Men Of The Year issue and people have kopious komments about it.

Source: Jack Bridgland / GQ

The reality-TV-star-turned-business-mogul was named GQ’s Tycoon Of The Year, appearing in a photo spread where she shows off multiple boardroom ensembles. Throughout the issue, Kardashian talks all about her late father, Robert Kardashian, and just how much he impacted her life.

Hi! I’m the GQ Man of the Year! 😱🤯🥰

— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) November 14, 2023

Of the many anecdotes she told, one of the things Kim revealed in her cover story is how her father’s work ethic impacted how she can pass the same thing down to her children.

“My dad had me sign a contract for everything,” the SKIMS founder said. “When I got a car, I needed to have it washed once a week, make sure that it had enough gas and that I didn’t run it into the ground. It was a gift he gave me at 16, but I had responsibilities.”

Go behind-the-scenes of @KimKardashian’s cover shoot for our 2023 Men of the Year issue. #GQMOTY

— GQ Magazine (@GQMagazine) November 14, 2023

Going on to talk about how she can pass on that same business sense to her own children, Kim revealed that her eldest daughter, North West, will set up a lemonade stand at the end of their street on most weekends.

“She gets a huge pitcher and fills it, puts it in her wagon, and goes down to the corner. She has a table and chairs and fans to keep herself cool. She makes signs. She stays there hours and hours,” Kardashian explained.

Source: Jack Bridgland / GQ

“Her friends help, so she splits the money with them,” she continued. “If a random person stops, she will charge them only $2. If she knows you, she will fully scam you. I’ll get calls from my friends saying she charged them $20 for a lemonade. She’ll grab their $20 and say, ‘I don’t have any change.’”

Kim also opened up about how her parents’ divorce affected how she dealt with her split from her ex-husband, Kanye West.

“I did think about how my parents handled it with us. I just remember them being open,” she said. “Ultimately, what matters is that kids feel loved and heard. You want to be sensitive because they’re just kids, and it’s hard to go through no matter what age. You have to make sure that you only go to a level that they can understand. It’s okay to show a vulnerable side. You never go to a negative side.”

Let’s help @KimKardashian decide. 💌#GQMOTY cover star @KimKardashian goes undercover on the Internet and replies to real comments from fans. Is she dating these days? Is North stealing pieces from her closet? Did she ever find her earring in Bora Bora? Full video here:…

— GQ Magazine (@GQMagazine) November 14, 2023

As you can imagine people have a lot to say about the SKIMS founder, who is clearly a woman, being featured for the Men Of The Year cover, but she’s not the first. GQ previously gave Rihanna, Megan Thee Stallion, Jennifer Lopez, and Scarlett Johansson MOTY covers.

Men who are mad about Kim K being GQ’s Man of the Year are only proving the reason she is MOTY.

— Bella Rainey (@BellaMRainey) November 14, 2023

The world lacks real Men?? GQ put Kim K on the cover of their “Man of the year” Issue….

— Mohamed A (@MoDinar_) November 14, 2023

this is disheartening for @GQMagazine to make @KimKardashian (which is a female) Man of the year. Kim doesn’t know what it is to be a man the trails&tribulations men go through on the day2day basis. The hard work men put in to make this world a safe place. This is a mockery to…

— toxic . (@fatheralchemist) November 14, 2023

You can read Kim Kardashian’s full cover story for GQ’s Men Of The Year issue, out on newsstands November 28, here.

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