Kelly Price Finally Speaks Out Following Reported Disappearance, Says She ‘Died’ And Came Back During COVID Battle

Kelly Price has officially confirmed she’s safe following a circus of conflicting reports from family and her attorney claiming she was missing, and she’s opening up about her hospitalization with COVID.

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

The singer spoke to TMZ on Sunday night to debunk the rumors surrounding her hospitalization and reported disappearance, saying she was never actually missing. According to Price, some of her family thought she was MIA because she isolated herself as she recovered from COVID, and was avoiding family members that she says she doesn’t routinely stay in touch with.

Price explained why she was not at her home when Cobb County authorities came to conduct the previously reported welfare check, saying she left her residence because fans were coming to the property, ringing the door bell, and leaving things at her doorstep.

“I literally left my house maybe a week ago because I couldn’t rest there,” she said. “I turned off everything.”

She continued, “I was never missing … everyone in my family knew exactly where I was. It’s very disappointing that things came to this.”

Kelly’s battle with the coronavirus was extremely serious, with the singer telling the outlet that she actually flatlined at one point and had to be brought back to life by doctors and staff.

“At some point they lost me. I woke up a couple of days and the first thing I remember was the doctors standing around me asking me if I knew what year it was,” Price recalled of the horrifying moment. When the interviewer asked Price to explain what she meant by “they lost me,” she clarified: “I died.”

She was quite literally on her death bed, but miraculously, she bounced back–but she’s not out of the woods yet.

“I have what is called long COVID and I am facing a very uphill battle right now,” Kelly explained. “I suffered a lot of internal damage and so I have a lot of rehabbing to do before I am able to be concert-ready again.”

Price is still on oxygen and periodically had a tough time while speaking during her interview. Though they asked Kelly’s attorney, Monica Ewing, if she had been vaccinated, she would not specify.

Following her interview with TMZ, the singer took to Instagram to thank fans for their concern throughout this entire debacle.

“Thank you for your love, concern and prayers,” she wrote in a note. “I truly appreciate them and all Of you who sincerely did them. They are not lost on me. I promise.”

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