Interesting Updates: Travis McMichael Admits Ahmaud Arbery Wasn’t Threatening Him Prior To Killing, William “Roddie” Bryan Begs For Plea Deal

Well, well, well…what do we have here?

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There was a LOT going on in the criminal justice system this week as it concerns white violence against Black people. In Kenosha, we have Kyle Rittenhouse trying to dodge accountability for the two people he “allegedly” murdered during the protest on behalf of Jacob Blake. In Oklahoma, the governor pulled a game-time decision and commuted the death sentence of Julius Jones who has been convicted of a crime that evidence suggests he did not commit. Finally, in Georgia, Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William Roddie Bryan are trying to convince the court that they didn’t murder Ahmaud Arbery even tho we all watched them do it.

On that front, yesterday saw some very interesting developments in the trial that are certainly worth making note of. First of which is the fact that Travis McMichael openly admitted that prior to killing Ahmuad Arbery, he was not threatened, attacked, shown a weapon, or set upon in any way whatsoever.

Prosecutor: Did Ahmaud Arbery reach into his pockets?

Travis McMichael: No.

Prosecutor: Did he yell?

TM: No.

Prosecutor: Threaten you?

TM: No.

Prosecutor: Brandish weapons?

TM: No.

Prosecutor: Gun?

TM: No.

Prosecutor: Knife?

TM: No.

Prosecutor: He just ran?

TM: Yes.

— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) November 18, 2021

Hell, McMichael might as well just come out and say, “We killed him because he was a ni**er traipsing around our sacred white land.”

In another telling turn, the McMichael’s accomplice, William “Roddie” Bryan, has officially asked for a plea deal according to CBSNews. For those who don’t remember or are unaware, Bryan is the reason that we have visual evidence of Arbery’s murder as he was the McMichaels’ hate crime videographer. Prosecuting attorney Lee Merritt says they refused the offer with prejudice, “(we) turned it down — flat out.” Bryan’s ask clearly suggests that he is concerned about not only the state’s case but the ability of the McMichaels’ defense team to pull off an upset.

Legally, he is saying “I don’t want no smoke.” He’s scared to death and he should be.

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