Insta-Scam Or Genius? B. Simone Claps Back At Critics Dragging Her For Charging $10 To Join Her ‘Close Friends’ List, Reportedly Rakes In $30K

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

B. Simone has her haters in a frenzy after offering to let fans in on her Instagram story “close friends list” as she heads to Mexico for vacation. For a mere $10, B. shared that she’s letting fans get in on all the behind-the-scenes foolery and fun she has while she kicking it in a ‘kini with friends.

As soon as the post went up on her IG page promoting the offer, the criticism rolled in.

Previously, the comedian made headlines for selling a manifestation book, which literally fell apart for some fans causing them to drag her online for it. Not only that but the book was hit with plagiarism allegations. 

Do YOU think this B. charging for her “close friends list” is a bad idea? Or genius?

Folks went in with their opinions on Twitter, suggesting she should hang up her promotions.

“It’s time for b.simone to get a 9-5. it’s okay ma’am. you will be fine,” one user wrote.

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it’s time for b.simone to get a 9-5. it’s okay ma’am. you will be fine.

— tosh 🇬🇭📸 (@ToshiaD_) October 6, 2021

B.Simone is the most regular bitties I’ve ever seen with my own 2 eyes. Shawty a Reggie sack like a muhfucka and her eyebrows bout irritating as hell 😂😂😂

— TrayTrilla (@GasiusClay_) October 6, 2021

People really paying B Simone $10 to be in her close friends group on Instagram just to hear that annoying voice

— Gully (@gullyfbg) October 6, 2021

B. Simone saw the chatter and decided to clap back in the comments of The Neighborhood Talk, telling folks flustered over 10 bucks to “relax.”

“It’s 1.40$ a day relax [crying laughing emoji],” she wrote. “And 3000 plus people (and counting) seem to want this content ! If you don’t want to be on my close friends them I’m not talking to you [shrug emoji] see you 3k people in Mexico [red heart emoji].”

3,000 people at $10 each, that’s a whopping $30,000!

Are YOU going to be B. Simone’s close friend?

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