Horace Ové, Trinidad-born trailblazer of Black British cinema, leaves behind a rich legacy of films and photographs

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Filmmaker Horace Ové at the Caribbean Tales Festival in Toronto, June 2007. Photo by Georgia Popplewell on Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. On Saturday, September 16, Trinidad-born, UK-based Horace Ové, one of the most important filmmakers to come out of the turbulent post-World War II era, died in London at the age of 86. Perhaps best known for the seminal 1976 film “Pressure,”) the first Black feature film to come out of Britain, which grittily portrayed the experiences of the Windrush generation, Ové was long hailed as a pioneer of Black British cinema. His son, visual artist Zak Ové, announced his…

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