‘Good Riddance?’ Chrisean Rock Deletes Social Media After Alleged Backstage Beatdown Of James Wright Chanel At Tamar Braxton Concert

Chrisean Rock deactivated her social media accounts as James Wright Chanel confirms a backstage beatdown at Tamar Braxton’s concert this weekend. Jesus, take the wheel!

Source: Wil R/Santiago Felipe/Prince Williams / Getty

On Sunday, Nov. 12, Chrisean Rock announced that she’s leaving social media in the face of a new scandal. Instead of standing 10 toes down against the Big Baby backlash, she’s taking a break amid new assault allegations. The internet was already divided about the last few times Chrisean decided to “shenan” and now Meaww reports that many fed-up fans are saying “good riddance” after her shenanigans this weekend.

“I’m deactivating all my pages… Love ya! See y’all later. God bless,” she tweeted. “Changing my number, changing my address,” she added in a follow-up post.

On Friday, Tamar Braxton’s Love And War 10 Year Anniversary Tour welcomed Chrisean Rock as a guest to pop out. Tamar seemed elated to have her “little sis” join her onstage.

What started as a fun moment quickly went left as the unpredictable artist expected to do her own thing on stage. In addition to disrupting parts of Tamar’s performance, Chrisean expected to perform. When her time on stage didn’t go as expected, it turned into a heated disagreement backstage.

Don’t ever invite me to a Tamar concert if the opening act is Chrisean. pic.twitter.com/u9RqG8zVGR

— Protesting Genocide is NOT Anti-Semitism. (@LaCienegaBlvdss) November 11, 2023

As usual, Chrisean reportedly came out swinging and left backup singer James Wright Chanel in the hospital with a chipped tooth.

See what James Wright Chanel and Tamar Braxton’s best friend LeTroy Davis said about what went down after the flip!

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