Going Going, Back Back, To Black Planet! Black Twitter Is Looking To Jump The Twitter Ship Before It Sinks

Despite Elon Musk‘s declaration that “Twitter is ALIVE”which came after people had #RIPTwitter trending amid rumors that the platform is circling the drain after employees left in response to Musk’s “Twitter 2.0” ultimatum—a lot of Black people are still preparing to move to an alternative social media space where we can gather and be great.

Twitter is ALIVE

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 20, 2022

That space is none other than Black Planet. 

Source: Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty

Even if Twitter isn’t actually going anywhere, Musk seems hellbent on turning the platform into Alfa-male KKKappa Loser or whatever disgruntled white boy fraternities are active these days. So, Black folks are figuring out where we’re going to go in case Twitter is the Tinatic speeding toward a huge Elon Musk-shaped iceberg.

With that in mind, Black Planet is looking like one of our exes we’ve been away from long enough that they start looking good enough to get a Thanksgiving dinner invite.

A lot of people from black Twitter looking at Black Planet right now like Hey Big Head pic.twitter.com/iYpk0wqqrw

— Juvon Lewis (@JVLewis77) November 18, 2022

That’s right, Black Twitter is toying around with the possibility of migrating back to our digital promise land—our original social media space from back before social media spaces were really a thing.

Who knows when Musk’s Twitter is going to start hemorrhaging racial slurs again, so we might as well go back to Black Planet where someone can start a page called “Wakanda Twitter” that redirects Caucasians who try to join to a sponsored page that automatically plays Kendrick Lamar’s new hit, “Colonizer, Don’t Kill My Vibranium.” (I may have thought too deeply into this.) 

Me pulling up to Black Planet after Twitter turns off the lights. #RIPTwitter pic.twitter.com/2kC1oXCybr

— Ebony the Great  (@iamebonylaquise) November 18, 2022

Dear Black Twitter: Drop those Black Planet usernames. We about to dip back into that pool right? Right?

— God’s Gift 🙏🏿 (@Tommy_W1587) November 18, 2022

Looks like we’re about to take the party back to Black Planet. 😂🤣 #BlackTwitter pic.twitter.com/dUq7hnzDSp

— Kenny Kixx (@DJKennyKixx) November 18, 2022

Black Planet now you have had ample time to prepare for this day. You have one job save Black Twitter. pic.twitter.com/vwceGgKwxP

— SoSoFresh 🙃 (@simplyfresh_1) November 18, 2022


And it appears that Black Planet is welcoming us all back with open arms. After all, we didn’t land on Elon Musk’s Twitter, Elon Musk’s Twitter landed on us.




HOLD UP!!!!!!! Black Planet is tryna spin the block????? I’m with it 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/CcskFoJlnM

— Ricky fontaine (pretty rick what they call ya) (@whoelsebutme87) November 18, 2022

Now, we realize that Black Planet is before some of y’all’s time, and we wouldn’t want to leave behind any Black youth who might also be looking for an alternative to QElon Twitter. So, here’s a little background on Black Planet provided by our family website Hip Hop Wired. 

BlackPlanet is owned by Urban One, the same entity that owns BOSSIP, so yes, we’re fully biased and here for this push to revisit one of the OG social media platforms.

BlackPlanet, one of the first social media hubs before the term truly existed, established itself early on as a gathering place for Black people looking to connect with their communities on a variety of fronts.

BlackPlanet was launched in 2001 by Omar Wasow and Benjamin Sun and it swiftly became one of the most popular destinations on the Web despite not being owned by Black people. As part of the Community Connect ecosystem, the site co-existed alongside MiGente and Asian Avenue, all serving the respective communities as suggested by the URLs although each site was open to users of all backgrounds.


So, what do y’all think? Are you revisiting Black Planet? It looks like the time is NOW.

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