Gender Fluid Fury: Kid Cudi Wearing A Wedding Dress To The CFDA Awards Caused ‘Hmm Mmmyeeeah’ Hysteria Online

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Kid Cudi’s recent red carpet look has sparked a commotion on social media!

The 37-year-old music artist and fashion connoisseur pushed gender norms by rocking a lacey wedding dress to Wednesday’s CFDA awards. The high-fashion look attracted widespread praise from fashion outlets, with Vogue calling it the “boldest” look of the night. The dress, custom-designed for Cudi by designer Eli Russell Linnetz, also sent shockwaves through social media platforms. Cudi complemented the lacey formal gown with a Black Jesus piece and pink hair.

Are YOU feeling Mr. Mescudi’s wedding gown look?

Lots of people weren’t feeling the look and were actually bothered by Cudi wearing a dress. “So, Cudi is a drag queen now?” one fan of his asked under of video of Cudi looking unbothered in his wedding gown. Another fan called the look “ugly.”

Some fans went even further, sharing conspiracies that Cudi “sold his soul” and is officially “coming out.”

kid cudi in a dress so all the weirdos tweeting some conspiracy bullshit that he sold his soul/in the illuminati or tweeting out homophobic/transphobic shit lol

people love to hate and that’s weird to me

— alex (blm) 🌊 (@Mescud) November 11, 2021

So, Cudi is a drag queen now?

— Cruzzz (@SPZ_12) November 11, 2021

Whatever the case is, the dress designer and Cudi clearly understood the assignment since the bold look for one of fashion’s biggest nights has been the most talked-about online. The CFDA Awards celebrates some of fashion’s biggest names and Zendaya took home the Fashion Icon Award that evening. Despite Zendaya getting the evening’s highest honor, Cudi and his wedding gown have made an equal amount of headlines.

Cudder and his gown’s designer appeared on the red carpet together for a few photos and held hands stirring up even more controversy with folks questioning whether or not the rapper was “coming out” as gay.

We seriously doubt he’s making any official statements here. 

A fan of Kid Cudi’s noted that he has been pushing gender norms for a while now Mr. Rager famously wore a dress in tribute to Kurt Cobain during his SNL performance earlier this year.

Saias, makes, vestidos e top cropped.
That’s the Kid Cudi reign 🤴🏾

— Felipe, a Chernobycha fashion victim (@fiajeans) November 11, 2021

What are YOUR thoughts on Kid Cudi’s bold CDFA look?


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