Former Bengals Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Addresses Cincinnati Airport Arrest, Disputes Charges– ‘Who In The Hell Is Drunk At 6:30 In The Morning’

Pacman – Source: Mike Lawrie / Getty

Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested at a Cincinnati airport after allegedly making terroristic threats while intoxicated, which he disputes.

Former Bengals defensive back turned media personality Adam “Pacman” Jones has found himself in more airport drama. Pacman was arrested earlier today for allegedly making terrorist threats while intoxicated on a flight leaving Cincinnati. According to the Associated Press, around 6 a.m. this morning police were called to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport for an “unruly passenger.” Police reportedly booked Pacman for terroristic threatening, alcohol intoxication, and disorderly conduct. While the Airport confirms he was arrested before the flight he was on departed, they didn’t disclose details of the incident.

However, Local 12 News caught Jones as he was exiting the jail and he stopped to give his side of the entire ordeal.

“Do I look intoxicated to you?” Pacman asked a reporter. “I only been locked up for two hours” he continued. “Y’all talking about 6:30 in the morning. Who in the hell is drunk at 6:30 in the morning, man?”

“This s*** getting old, bro. It’s getting old. And we gotta stop doing this.”

“I’m hurt, this is embarrassing,” Jones told WLWT-TV while leaving the jail.

BREAKING: Adam PacMan Jones issues statement after being released from Jail.@Local12

— Adam Clements (@AClementsWKRC) September 11, 2023

Pacman makes a very valid point considering if he was intoxicated he wouldn’t have been released that soon. The former DB also urged members of the media to report the “motherf**king facts” about his arrest. Additionally, he alleges the fact is he asked to move seats because the power in his two seats didn’t work. Allegedly that’s when he was told they would have to turn the plan around. He also denies being drunk or making any treats.

Hopefully, he can get this all sorted out and put it behind him as it seems to be one big misunderstanding.

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