Florida Crazies: White Bunnell Elementary Principal Resigns After Racist Assembly Targeting Black Students’ Grades

Source: Grace Cary / Getty

But there’s no such thing as white supremacy, huh? Critical Race Theory is “divisive”, eh?

Florida never fails to fail. According to CNN, the principal at a Flagler County elementary school recently failed at basic human decency when she approved a wildly racist assembly that specifically targeted Black students.

Donelle Evensen, principal at Bunnell Elementary School, has resigned from her job following the parental backlash that ensued after Black children were told that if they didn’t get their grades up, they would be dead or in jail.

Via Daytona Beach News Journal:

I’m glad she chose to resign,” said Jacinda Arrington, mom of a Bunnell student who attended the assembly. “It was obviously either resign or, you know, termination that we were shooting for.”

Children told their parents that they were told that students with lower standardized test scores (tests with a dubious goal that have long been the subject of controversy) have a much better chance of being killed or stripped of their freedom.

This is an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, mind you.

What makes this even worse is that TWO Black teachers reportedly led this toxic assembly. In addition to Evensen’s resignation, another faculty member named Anthony Hines was placed on paid administrative leave for his role in the racist debacle. It isn’t clear if he was also one of those two African-American assembly leaders.

It is well-documented that these janky standardized test scores directly impact whether or not a state will provide a robust budget for certain public schools. To gather all the Black students and essentially threaten their futures over some money is evil to say the very least.

It’s one thing for the white principal to sign off on such a ridiculous exercise but those two skinfolk teachers should be ashamed of themselves.

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