Exclusive: Mona Scott-Young Says The Reality TV Gods Blessed Her With “Everybody Loves Natti”

Mona Scott-Young has another hit show on her hands!

Source: Courtesy Prime Video / Prime Video

BOSSIP Sr. Content Editor Janeé Bolden spoke with tv producer Mona Scott-Young about her newest show, “Everybody Loves Natti,” which went live on Prime Video Friday November 19th. “The opportunity to do something with a completely different audience was exciting to me,” Scott- Young told BOSSIP.

Source: Courtesy Prime Video / Prime Video

The ten-episode docuseries follows Natti as she’s introduced to a mainstream audience and begins opening up to her fans about her love life and journey to motherhood.  We get to see Natti navigate so many important life decisions — which makes for great television!


“The reality Gods really blessed this,” Mona Scott-Young told BOSSIP. “I couldn’t have asked for more life-changing events to happen during a production period, it was amazing.”


When asked about working with Natti compared to previous casts, like “Love and Hip Hop,” Scott-Young spoke about not being pigeonholed by one small aspect of her career, saying she’s not content to be confined to only doing one kind of thing.


BOSSIP also chatted with Mona about marriage advice she gave to Natti and Raphy, saying that she had lots of experience living and working with her husband, who draws sharp boundaries about when to stop talking about business and make room for their love life!


Check out the full interview below:

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