Ex-TF-cuse Me?!?! Defense Attorney For Ahmaud Arbery Killers Accuses Al Sharpton Of Jury Intimidation, “We Don’t Want Anymore Black Pastors Here”

Has this fool lost his goddamn mind?!?!

Source: Sean Rayford / Getty

Lady justice is showing her entire a** this week! If we didn’t know any better we’d think she was thirst trapping for likes, follows, and OnlyFans subscriptions!

Kevin Gough is the defense attorney for William “Roddie” Bryan, the soup cookie cameraman who recorded Gregory and Travis McMichael murder Ahmaud Arbery in broad daylight. Today, in court, in front of cameras, Gough not only accused Rev. Al Sharpton of jury intimidation but went on to make a much more explicitly racist argument saying: “We don’t want any more Black pastors in here.”

Straight cash, homie.

The defense attorney in the trial in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery is objecting to Al Sharpton’s presence in the courtroom, claiming it is intimidating the jury:

“We don’t want any more Black pastors in here” pic.twitter.com/LoQhor0WJN

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) November 11, 2021

When we asked earlier if Gough had lost his goddamn mind we want to assure you that the question was rhetorical. However, the reality of the situation is that Gough has not lost his mind. One might argue that only a wildly reckless person would say such things any time much less in public earshot. We’d retort that reckless and crazy are not mutually exclusive. Gough is very cognizant of every syllable he said and he made no attempt to disguise it as anything else.

Fortunately, Judge Timothy Walmsley had enough sense to shut down this line of bulls**t, “I’m not going to start blanketly excluding members of the public from this courtroom.”

We sincerely hope that the courtroom is FILLED with Black pastors when the trial reconvenes!

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