Devon Sawa Reveals Which Projects He’s Most Proud Of, Which Film He’d Like To Revisit — And Which One Was An ‘F U’ To Teen Magazines

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Devon Sawa is more than just a pretty face. As much as history wants to keep the former heartthrob safe in a box alongside memories of childhood movies and pin-up posters, he’s proven he’s a talented — and multifaceted — actor, too. In just the past two years alone, Sawa has portrayed a terrorized backwoodsman (Hunter, Hunter), twins who are both flawed fathers (Chucky) and an unyielding victim of a stalker (The Fanatic). Next up, he stars as a disgruntled toy store worker who — no spoilers! — has his worst day on the job in Black Friday. “I got the script early on and fell in love with it. It…

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