Damn, Diesel: Shaquille O’Neal Says Nets Should Trade Kyrie Irving Over COVID-19 Vaccination Stance, “Get His A– Up Outta There”

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Kyrie Irving‘s beliefs and behavior has been one of the central storylines in the NBA for at least 3 seasons now. The dynamic Brooklyn Nets point guard has made it very clear that he is going to do what he wants to do and will not be…subjugated(?) to the rules of his employer. One might find that stance admirable. No Black athlete wants to be the proverbial “$40 million slave”.

However, there is also another school of thought that says, “why the hell are you always causing some fuss?” There are good arguments for both sides. Shaquille O’Neal ain’t about both sides. He’s very clear on where he stands and according to TMZ, he made said stance public today during an interview on the Tiki and Teirney radio show…

“I would go upstairs and say, ‘Get him up out of here,’” Shaq told “Tiki and Tierney” this week. “We can win with a two-punch and a great shooter and some rebounders like we got. Get his ass up out of here.”

Oh yeah, but there’s more. Press play on the audio down below:
Shaq would continue his thoughts on his show “The Big Podcast” where he showed Kyrie respect for his opinion on the vaccine but also pointed out that his decision affects many other people, not just himself.
Where do you stand on all this? Is Kyrie wildin’? Is Shaq making some valid points? Hit the comment section and let ‘er rip!


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