Comedy Or Caught ‘Slippin?’ Birdman Runs Up On Druski And Snatches His ‘Coulda Been Records’ Chain

Druski’s hilarious viral video leaves the internet wondering if Birdman snatched his chain for skits and giggles or really ran up to make the comedian “put some respect on it.”

Source: Earl Gibson III/Taylor Hill / Getty

After Druski repeatedly trolled the Cash Money mogul, it looks like Birdman wanted payback. When it comes to the meme king, his punchlines hit so hard because there’s often a bit of truth to them. TMZ reports surveillance footage shows Birdman pulling up to catch Druski “slippin’ in [the] studio,” but social media users wonder if they teamed up to troll the fans.

On Friday night, Birdman reportedly crashed Druski’s late-night studio session in Los Angeles. The “Still Fly” rapper rolled up with two friends to confront the actor. As things get heated, Birdman orders the stuttering star to “take that piece off.” When Druski hesitates, one of Birdman’s companions snatches him up, causing the comedian to take a tumble down the stairs. Ouch!

So TMZ can have the audio of Birdman and Druski, but not the audio of Solange, Beyoncé and Jay Z in the elevator

— Tori😵‍💫 (@torriiie) November 12, 2023

The black-and-white cameras caught Druski sprinting down a hallway and advising his entourage to run with him. While Dru and crew look like they are running for their lives, Birdman leisurely strolls through the same halls. Maybe he’s not in a hurry because he already got what he wanted: Druski’s chain.

Watch the full clip of Birdman catching Druski slipping below.

Check out Birdman flexing with Druski’s stolen “Coulda Been Records” chain and what kicked off their conflict after the flip!

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