•Côm1ng HÖMĚ•: Cam Newton Agrees On Terms To Return To The Carolina Panthers

After speculation on where Cam Newton would land after being cut from the Patriots, Cam has decided to go back home, where his NFL career started, with the Panthers.

Source: Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe/Getty Images / Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Cam Newton has had a wild ride throughout his NFL quarterback career over the past several years.

The athlete went from a Super Bowl appearance to being cut from the Panthers in just a few years. When Cam was cut, many saw the move as irrational since Cam had taken the franchise to new heights and had plenty of years left in him. As timing would have it, Cam was cut right when Brady left the New England Patriots, so of course, he would end up on their roster.

Cam signed with the Patriots without a full training camp but started off well…until he caught COVID. After that, Cam didn’t look the same and even mentioned he didn’t feel the same on the I AM ATHLETE podcast. During the draft, the Patriots picked up former Alabama QB Mack Jones and that turned heads as it seemed Cam’s days were numbered.

Cam would go on to start this season, but when his unvaccinated decision lead him to miss games and gave Mack Jones the chance to start, it was over. Cam was released, but he was still determined to play football somewhere.

Together again 😀 pic.twitter.com/PXGaVTvvZX

— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) November 11, 2021

Today, we learned Cam has decided to return to the Panthers who are responsible for all the chaos over these past two years. The panthers released a blog saying the reason for the return, outside of needing a QB, is because it’s about winning now–Which is a wild statement when Cam was there less than two years ago and not much has changed since he left.

Hopefully, Cam can get on the field and prove everyone wrong and take the Panthers as far as possible.

Boogie’s Back 🕺 pic.twitter.com/1m6OX56FDl

— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) November 11, 2021

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